Friday, August 27, 2010

Motorcycle in the morning

Aaron's dad rented this for the weekend, and so he drove it over to show to the girls. Cambria heard a loud rumble outside and ran to the window and said it's a motorcycle... and Papa! She was so excited to get to go for a ride around the block. I never got to ride on a 4 wheeler or jet ski or anything until I was 19 and met Aaron. My girls have already been on 4 wheelers, a boat, a jet ski, a razor, and Cambria has been on a go cart they used to own, and a snow mobile, and now a motorcycle. What lucky girls!Oh, and these are the new trees we planted.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barbie Jeep

Ashlynn loves going for long rides on the jeep. I was afraid she would try to get out while it was moving, but she just sits there and smiles. She got very upset when it was time to go inside.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moses Reunion

We spent all day yesterday at Bear Lake. When we got there in the morning we saved a huge spot for everybody because we had 3 motorhomes and a bunch of cars show up. It was a great spot on the beach. We ate delicious food and tons of junk food. Cambria loves to just sit in the sand and play and get muddy, it was hard for me to get her to stop playing long enough to eat, drink or put on more sunscreen. I am happy to say though that the 4 of us are sunburn free!

I have more pictures of us playing in the sand, but it pretty much looks like the last post.
She didn't actually drink any, Cambria used to love mountain dew until I told her it would make her stop growing. Now she won't drink it if you try to give her some. haha.
On our way to the Minnetonka cave.

Ashlynn likes to give hugs lately, I love it!
She also loves capri suns, and if someone has one and she doesn't then she throws a huge fit.

The entrance to the cave was really dark and cold. It was pretty cool until I had to turn around and walk all the way back out because Cambria had to go potty, even though she just went seconds before we went into the cave. Then we just waited in the car because it was kind of a long walk back to where everyone was in the cave and there were a lot of stairs. Cambria does not move fast on stairs. Also she said it was creepy.

It was a fun weekend and a very quiet ride back home!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bear Lake

This saturday we went to Bear Lake. It was so hot outside and the water was warm. Ashlynn liked the water but not the sand. Cambria liked the sand and the water, but she didn't like it when we tried to show her how to float on her back or tummy. This was Corey's first trip to Bear Lake and we had so much fun.
We could use this for our Christmas card, haha.
She was really brave and didn't want to hold anyone's hand when she was running around in the water.
Even though she was wearing these she still wouldn't go where her feet wouldn't touch.
Ashlynn loved it when we took her on Papa's boat a few weeks ago, so she was running towards the boats by us and wanted to get in them. She was saying papa, and ba ba, which I think meant boat.
Some people by us had this ridiculously huge chair. It was funny because tons of people were asking them if they could take pictures on it.
Even though she was tired and hadn't had a nap she was all smiles, she just loved watching all the people.
We were collecting a bunch of shells, and then Corey and I found some really tiny ones. Aren't they cute?
Aaron and Cambria made this sand castle. She was very proud of it, and had talked about making one all week before we went. She really wants to go again, which is a good thing because we are going again this Saturday!