Monday, August 29, 2011

Fashion Show and First Day of School

Cambria was so excited to have her grandparents over for dinner yesterday. She helped make pizza on the grill, it was so good. We even got out our fancy punch bowl that she always begs to use, for her back to school dinner. Then she did a fashion show. I only got pictures of 2 of her new outfits because she had started showing off her new clothes when we were still getting dinner ready because she couldn't wait.
When she came out she would try hard not to smile, it was cute.
Has anyone else noticed that kids backpacks are getting a lot bigger? This is the hugest backpack I have ever seen. I tried to get her to let me take it back to the store and buy a different one, but she wanted a backpack with Rapunzel on it so bad. I searched everywhere for Rapunzel, but they were sold out. Oh well, she will just have a giant backpack. Also, this picture makes it look even bigger, haha.
Ashlynn was singing to Lady Gaga in the background.
The traditional back to school photo by the front door. I don't think I have any from when I was little, one of my sisters please post some! I'm sure we look hilarious.

Getting in the car with all of her school supplies.
She was really excited, but I was nervous because all summer she was saying that she was scared to go to school. She also made me paint her nails last night.

Aaron took some pictures of her in her classroom, at first I thought it was weird to take our huge camera to her classroom, but all of the other parents were doing it too.
The girl sitting next to her was in her primary class last year, so I am glad she has someone to sit by that she knows. They were laughing really hard because they both had the same barbie folder from walmart.
Aaron took this picture, I think he was having a harder time leaving than I was.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

summer fun

We went camping with Jp Marriott and his family while they were in Idaho. It was the first time we have slept in a tent with Ashlynn, we weren't sure if she would even lay down to go to sleep, but she was really good. We were in our little tent but two twin mattresses fit perfectly in it and so we were really cozy
Ashlynn had fun running around and getting dusty.
Cambria thought riding in this thing with Jp was the coolest.

On our way home from the cabin one day we saw a baby moose.
We had a few thunderstorms at night and they liked to sit outside and watch the lightning.
We grew this zucchini in our garden. So far we have eaten some for dinner, made zucchini bread and we still have more left of this one, AND we have a few more that are ready to be picked in the garden. I think I am going to try to freeze some.
Our onions were not quite big enough yet...
Ashlynn was using this pepper as a phone. We grew this too. We have maybe about 10 peppers growing right now. I think I can freeze those too and use them for fajitas and stuff.
Our carrots and green beans are looking good.
Any finally, it's her turn to be a big sister!