Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and a Wedding!!

My family came to stay with us this week for Brenna's wedding. I have a bunch of pictures to post, but I am too lazy right now. So here is a little preview!

I will post more in the next few days!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Festival of Trees

Cambria had her first dance recital tonight at the Festival of Trees. She looked SO cute, and of course I think she danced the best out of everyone else. Grandma and Papa were able to leave work early to come watch her. At first when she came out to dance she was distracted because she was looking for us, but after she found us she did really good!

They had a bunch of trees that people could bid on. She could have taken a picture on Santa's lap, but she didn't want to go near him. Her excuse was that it wasn't even Christmas yet. I asked her if she would go see the one at the mall when it got closer to Christmas, and she said "yes, on Monday." I don't think she knows what she is talking about.
When we got home she wouldn't quit dancing and she just barely took her costume off. It is 9:20 and she was one dancing around 6:30. She even wore it out to dinner because she liked it so much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Island Park

We love going to Island Park. Aaron's parents have some friends who just bought a cabin and they let us stay there friday until sunday. It was fun, but SO cold outside! We went to feed the fish, we have done this before on snowmobiles, but it hasn't snowed too much yet so we could still drive there. We kept Ashlynn in the car so she didn't freeze!
Cambria always does this, I used to do it when I was little too. How silly.

This was the closest she would get to this bear. She was really afraid of it. Grandma gave her ice cream for taking a picture by it, but as you can see, she wasn't happy.
The cute little cabin. It looks kinda small but it has 4 bedrooms. We are going to stay there again in January!

In the picture above the whole wall on the left is giant windows... and the picture below is the view you can see from the windows. Through the gap between the trees on the left is the lake where we go boating in the summer.
That was the room we stayed in. Aaron slept on the top bunk and I shared the bottom bunk with Cambria. It was the only room that had enough room for the 3 of us and a pack and play for Ashlynn. It took forever to get both kids to settle down to go to sleep.
For some reason Cambria called this the fancy potty...
Those boards are up because soon the icicles will big enough that they will almost touch the ground and they could break a window!
I didn't take many pictures because I forgot. But we also went to Aaron's uncles cabin a few cabins down and used their hot tub, and we played outside in the snow and drove the razor around.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ashlynn's first Haircut

Ashlynn's hair was getting SO long in the back. It looked awful, but I wanted it to be long enough so I could save it for her baby book. She is also starting to get a bald spot which made it look worse, so we cut it off the other day. She look so much better!

She always smiles when she sees herself in the mirror. Ignore my double chin in the background.

She looked at the hair like she was kinda mad at us for cutting it off. Or maybe she was happy because her head felt lighter!

Cambria wanted me to tie all her princesses hands together so they could play ring around the rosey. How silly is that??
This is when they all fell down...
I was so excited to find Mall Madness at DI for $2, we used to play this when we were little, and my mom doesn't have it anymore. It has all the pieces and works, so that day I called Brenna and Corey and had them come over and we played for at least 2 hours I think! We had Aaron keep Cambria occupied because she had already restarted our games once... This was last night, she made beds for her princesses because she was tired and she said they were too.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend we rented Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Cambria really wanted Ashlynn to watch it with her. She stayed there for about 20 minutes, and was watching the tv. Then she got too tired and started crying. It was really cute though to watch them.

Aaron put her hair into a pony tail... it is getting REALLY long in the back. I am thinking about cutting it sometime soon. I want to save it for her baby book!
I am kinda mad that I didn't take a picture of the back of Cambria's hair, it was all curly. She was so pretty! It kinda also makes me mad that I had to cover up her cute costume with a jacket because it was freezing outside!
Ok... I wanted to dress up this year really bad because we never have. I was thinking about it for weeks. I wanted to be something pretty, wear lots of makeup or do something cool with my hair because it is so long... but nope. I ended up as giant cutlery instead!! When I saw these at the store I was laughing so hard, I thought it was so hilarious. I think it would be fun to make spork costumes for Ashlynn and Cambria next year!
Aaron's dad had the best costume. He was dirty laundry, it was funny watching him walk around at the church party in that laundry basket!
Cambria wouldn't stay still because kids were starting to go outside, so this is the best picture of the four of us.

Our costumes were not made for the wind!

Trunk or Treat.

I wanted to take pictures of her with her candy when we got back to the house because she got more than she did last year, and she was being so hilarious. The pictures came out better than I thought.

Then even though we were stuffed we made caramel apples and watched Shrek. It was a really fun day!