Saturday, January 31, 2009

Diaper Cake

There was a baby shower today for my friend Tamisha, who lives by us in the same apartments and also goes to our ward. I got the idea from Stacey when she made a diaper cake, and so that is what I wanted to make because you can use everything on it and it looks so cute! It was fun to make, and no one there had seen one before and so it was a perfect gift. I think it came out pretty good, I just had some trouble hiding rubber bands. Cambria had fun "helping" me make it and Brenna helped me roll the diapers. Cambria kept telling us it was time to eat the diaper cake!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cambria's Post

Last night we made calzones for dinner and Cambria wanted to roll out the pizza dough. The whole time she was saying things like, "This is for Cambria", "I'm rolling it for Cambria". I think it is so funny that she always refers to herself as Cambria, and she will always say that's Cambria's chair or bottle, or pants, rather than just saying it is mine. She also says "Cambria is so smart". It makes me laugh.
She was sick with a really high fever all day, no other symptoms, but her fever would come and go and she would get the chills really bad and be shaking, and then her temperature would go up to about 104. It was kinda scary because we had a hard time getting the fever to go down each time. But obviously she was well enough to get out her pink stool and roll pizza dough!
This was the day before when we were getting ready to go eat at Red Robin, I thought her hair was really cute.
The night before she had been getting toys out of her toy box and the lid fell down on her head. It swelled up huge and was purple right away. The swelling is gone but you can kinda see the purple spot about as big as a quarter, around the red spot. Aaron has tried to fix the hinge on her toy box several times. We are going to get new hinges and if they don't work then we might have to get rid of it because it is wood and to make that big of a bump on her head means that it is not safe!
She is showing where she got hurt to the camera.
She got this tattoo at a birthday party, and Corey taught her to say I rock, and do it with her hand, but apparently trying to get her hand right AND show the camera the tattoo was too difficult!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Things...

I don't really have anything new to post, it has been snowing a lot the past few days, but it is actually pretty warm outside for January. We are waiting for it to stop snowing so we can go outside and make a snowman. Cambria was helping me make cookies the other day and of course she is dressed like a princess, and she thought it was so much fun to help me pour in the ingredients, but she doesn't like cookie dough! Weird huh? She spits it out, and just wants to pick out the chocolate chips. Strange kid. I thought the face she is making in this picture was cute.
Somehow we came home with this many, and probably more, chapsticks from Christmas. So to all my sisters who are looking for the chapstick that we got in our stockings... Cambria stole them all!!!!She was so proud of herself for getting her dress on and she even has on another little fairy skirt, and that is what is holding up the other skirt. She didn't seem to mind though, she just kept saying she was "cuteaful". (That is how she thinks you say beautiful)
She also has been having so much fun decoration our furnature with all kinds of stickers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Island Park

Aaron's parents took the whole family to Island Park for a long four day weekend! It was so much fun. We did a gift exchange since we didn't see each other at Christmas, and everyone went skiing all day Saturday while his mom, Candace, Fiona, Cambria and I went shopping in West Yellowstone. The place we stayed at had 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, a huge family room with a fireplace and a kitchen, and they also had rented a one bedroom condo. The clubhouse had a swimming pool and 2 hot tubs, and t shirts that you could color (I will post pictures of our t-shirts later). On Sunday we played bingo, and watched movies, and Monday we went swiming and packed our stuff so we could leave. The whole weekend was so much fun. Cambria had fun playing with Fiona, even though Fiona got tired of Cambria following her around. We played outside in the snow, and took some cute family pictures. The pictures are all out of order but oh well, enjoy!! We saw this ouside and thought it was cute, so we had Cambria take some pictures on it.The door right behind Cambria's feet is where we stayed.

Grandma made a tent with the kids. Cambria thought it was really cool. Cambria and Fiona played forever on this sled. They got pulled to the top of the hill and pushed down at least a HUNDRED times!! They would get going really fast and someone would try to stop them at the bottom before they hit something, Candace even sacrificed her knee as she dove to try to stop them! They loved it though.

Here is Candace by the truck right before she fell down!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but really we were busy having fun most of the time, and we didn't want to take our camera to the pool.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The end of our trip

I always love staying in hotels, even when they aren't that nice. For some reason I just think it is fun. Since we made our drive in 2 days going to El Paso and coming back, we got to stay somewhere twice! The first place was not nice at all, but this place was better, it just had a weird really brightly colored wall. It was nice because Cambria fell asleep in the car and when Aaron carried her in and put her in her bed she stayed asleep all night! It was a very fun trip and Brenna and Corey helped out a lot with keeping Cambria occupied in the car, so thanks!

Ha ha, it was supposed to say pool!
This is what Brenna's car looked like when we dropped her off in Logan. Aaron shoveled around it so she could drive. We were afraid to see what Corey's car was going to look like since we had heard that Idaho Falls had gotten 2 feet of snow, but sadly it had almost all melted by the time we got back, but we are supposed to get a lot of snow this week!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Christmas

Our vacation to El Paso for Christmas started with an 18 hour car ride, (we went in 2 days though so that it would be easier) we missed the big snow storm that hit here, and we got back after all the snow had melted, so driving was really easy and we had no problems. We spent 10 days playing, opening presents, and EATING! There were always kids running around and screaming, they had so much fun playing together. We went to Mer's and picked pecans, and we walked through Eastridge to look at the lights, we exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, and we had our big Christmas day brunch. I was really glad that we didn't miss out on the Christmas traditions this year. This slide show is only a small fraction of the pictures we took while we were there, and i am not going to explain each picture because it would take too long, and I am busy watching Mamma Mia (my gift from Dad). So enjoy the very long slide show!