Monday, June 29, 2009

This Week

My family was in town for 6 days. It was so fun to have everyone here, and a bunch of kids running around. We sat around a lot playing with the babies, we grilled, went to the zoo, watched the kids swim in the backyard, and ate a lot. I am not going to write much because I am going to take a LONG nap, but here are a few pictures so you can see what our week was like!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blessing Ashlynn This Sunday

For anyone who is in or around Idaho Falls and would like to know, we are blessing Ashlynn at church this Sunday while my family is in town. It is at 9:00 at the church right behind our house. If you want to go and need directions let us know!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I just realized that Corey, you were wrong on those pictures, the very first one is Ashlynn and then Cambria!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can we keep her?

Cambria has been sitting here holding Ashlynn for a while. Sometimes she tries to pick her up by herself but she knows she is not supposed to so we have always been able to stop her. Today we have been talking all day about how Cambria can't give her anything small to play with. Cambria has tons of small barbie shoes and all sorts of small toys, and so I have been trying to get her to understand that it will hurt the baby if Cambria gives her something she can choke on. I think she is understanding. I also have had to tell her over and over that she can't eat any food. She hasn't tried to give her anything yet, but she just says that she needs to share her food with her. Cambria keeps asking me if we can keep her. I am so glad that she likes her!Cambari brought this flower to me when she came to see us at the hospital. She was taking them from a flower arrangement that Aaron's parents got me, and she would put them by Ashlynn while she was sleeping. So she was probably the only baby in the nursery with flowers all around her.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ashlynn and Cambria

Can you tell which ones are Cambria? They look like they could be the same baby!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few Pictures

She is here! We are so excited. My labor and delivery was fantastic, it was only 6 hours long and she came out so fast I barely even had to push! It was a very relaxing day because my epidural worked this time, so I was very comfortable. She looks a lot like Cambria did when she was born. Cambria LOVES her baby sister. When she cries Cambria asks what is wrong, and she helped me change her diapers today and put on her pajamas. She also read some of her books to her, and when we change her diapers Ashlynn screams so Cambria sings to her and it helps calm her down. She likes to sit by me and just hug her baby sister, and she says "mommy, I love her. We can keep her." I am so glad that she is enjoying having a baby around instead of being jealous. Both Cambria and Ashlynn have been born with dark skin and very dark hair. They look just like Aaron did when he was a baby. At the hospital he got asked by some nurses if both parents were caucasian! The nurses always love to comb their hair, and this time they even put some really cute bows in Ashlynns hair. I will try to get some better pictures of her in the next few days, she is getting cuter now that the puffiness in her face is going down, and the bruising from coming out so fast is going away also. So far she sleeps a lot during the day and keeps me up at night, but she is adorable!!
Cambria had just taken a bath and she wanted Ashlynn to have a bath too. I will probably wait a few days. Her hair is the only thing that looks kinda dirty, it gets greasy from people playing with it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ashlynn Morgan

We have been waiting for over a week for the baby to come. Today a little after one pm Ashlynn was born after 10 min of pushing. She is 8 pounds 12 oz. I guess that is what we get for her coming a week late.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Baby Yet

At my appointment on Thursday nothing had changed. I was hurting really bad on Wednesday so I went to the doctor but they said it was just really bad back pain from the baby pushing and moving down. I am REALLY ready for her to come out now. We are all packed and ready to go to the hospital, but I could still have another week! Well my due date is Tuesday and my doctor said he won't let me go too far past that day. It just seems like it is taking forever.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My 2nd post today

Aaron just took these pictures a few minutes ago. I think my belly is acually a little smaller than it was with Cambria. I will be 39 weeks on Wednesday. I hope this baby comes soon because I am SO uncomfortable!! At church people still think I have like a month left, but I can't imagine getting much bigger, I can barely move.

Been A While...

I haven't really had anything to post in a while. We have just been enjoying the warm weather here. We have played outside in our yard, we went boating with Aaron's parents but we didn't take our camera so we will have to get the pictures from them later. Cambria had so much fun on the jet ski that she didn't want to get back in the boat. She was on it with Candace and they got splashed by some big waves, and Cambria loved it!

I only have 9 days left before my due date! I have an appointment today, and my doctor said if I am dialated enough we could schedule to be induced sometime this week. I'm not sure if I would rather just wait for her to come on her own or be induced, because being induced takes forever, but we had Cambria a week early and she was 8 pounds 1 oz and from the last ultrasound my doctor said this baby is going to be around the same size. So I am afraid that If I go to my due date or beyond that I will have a 9 pound baby! I guess I will just wait and see what happens at my appointment. I am also kinda scared about sitting around waiting for contractions or my water to break since I was induced last time. I feel like I will not know what to do. We still are not sure about a name, but we really like Ashlynn and Brooklynn. We kinda feel like we should just hurry up and pick a name, but I don't want to end up with a name that I find out I hate saying in a few months. So far we are not really attatched to any of the names we have thought of.
We got a new couch and it is so comfortable!! I want to buy more pieces for it so that the couch is bigger, maybe someday...
Aaron picked out these curtains for the family room upstairs. They look really nice, well actually it is just fabric that is folded over and pinned there, but we will sew it someday.The only way Cambria will let us cut her nails is if we paint them too. She says it hurts her, and she cries, but when we point out that her nail polish is "missing" (that's what she says when the polish is coming off) then she gets kinda panicky like we have to hurry and paint them!
We have this tv on a coffee table right now and she lays on it and gets really close to it! I have to make her move back from it all the time, it is annoying that she still gets up there even after I have just told her to move, but I thought it was cute that she put a pillow there to get more comfy!!!