Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May already?

 I can't believe I didn't post anything in April. That is the first time since 2007 that I have skipped a month. Well believe me its not because I didn't take any pictures, because I have a thousand, I just don't have time. It seems that 3 kids keep you busier than 2, who knew? Ashlynn loves this little spot on Cambria's bed, she naps there and sometimes falls asleep there at bedtime and then Aaron moves her to her bed. She is a crazy kid.
 This is an older picture of Jett, he is much chunkier now.
 Sarah took some really cute pictures of him in his blessing outfit and Ashlynn decided to get in on the pictures. They came out really cute.
 I wish my family was still here. I love staying up late and playing games.
 Goodbye old couch and chair...
Ashlynn loved playing with the garbage that came with the new couch.

 Hello new couch. We looked all over town for a comfortable couch that we liked. We wanted one that wasn't brown but the ones we liked were too light in color and the reason we got rid of our other ones was because the kids make them dirty. So we went with a darker color.

 The girls loved not having a couch for a few days because Aaron set up the tent and they got to have a sleepover two nights in a row. 

Cambria posing with the new couch.
 Sometimes I think the girls like their new brother a little too much. He gets a lot of attention from them and sometimes it makes him cry. He hates it when their hair gets in his face. He has been a good sport.
"Look mom I'm pumping." That is what she was saying.
 Good thing Ashlynn's doll enjoys the baby toys because I can only handle one crying baby right now.