Wednesday, May 1, 2013

San Diego #3

On our last full day in San Diego we went to the zoo. I was amazed at how big it was. You can walk through the zoo in Idaho Falls in about 15 minutes. We don't even have real full sized bears, we have something called a sloth bear that is tiny. Our largest animal is a camel... When we first got there we went on a VIP tour. It was fun to learn things about the animals that you don't learn when you are walking around by yourself. The guide told us their names, certain foods they like and toys they like, games they play and when the zoo got them. It was interesting. She drove us all around the zoo, and then stopped to let us feed the giraffes. I have a video of that but for some reason I can't find it, I'll post it later. The weather was warm, and the sun was not hiding behind clouds like our other days there, so it was a perfect day to go to the zoo.
Here is Aaron on the tour bus.
 Don't worry mom and dad, its not a real lion.
Some nice lady took our picture by the flamingos. I feel like everyone we met in San Diego was so nice, but maybe it was because they were on vacation like us, and everyone is happy on vacation!
I don't know if I have ever seen a koala before, but you can see it sleeping behind the branch on the right. Lazy things.
The polar bear was swimming around. It looked like it was having a great time.
This is the giraffe that we fed. They have really long weird tongues, so I was really careful not to let it lick me, but Aaron wasn't as careful.
 Some baby giraffes in the back, how cute.

This one behind me is not the one we fed, but you can see her belly is hanging down lower than the others, she is having a baby!
 It is important to keep your nails looking nice at the zoo.
 Everyone gets thirsty at the zoo (in case you can't see it, the peacock is trying to decide how much change it has and what it can buy).
We had a great time at the zoo. After the tour we had about 3 hours to ourselves to walk around. It was barely enough time to see everything and stop for lunch, which of course we didn't have to pay for because cable one would never make us do that. When we got back to our hotel we had to go to the beach because the sun was still out and we went to the ocean every chance we had. Then we went and took a nap because we are older than we think, and we had to stay up past 10:00 that night!
After our nap we went on a dinner cruise. The boat was nice. It had 3 levels with some bedrooms and bathrooms on bottom, a dance floor and a living room type area with a bar on the middle, and a buffet on the top. The bartender looked at us like we were crazy when we asked what non alcoholic drinks he could make. So we ended up with sierra mist and pineapple juice, which is very tasty. I just wish they would still add fruit and little umbrellas and make drinks without alcohol look just as fancy as everyone else's drinks. At least he put it in a wine glass. Fancy!
The boat drove VERY slowly around the whole bay and under the bridge and over by the ships we saw the day before.
You can't tell but its freezing. Also, I can't live by the ocean. I spend so much time straightening my hair and in 10 minutes it is frizzy. Yikes.
Dinner was fantastic. I think this and the awards dinner were my favorites. Everything we ate was so good and buttery. This dinner was chicken, fish or beef, vegetables, rolls, roasted potato wedges, salad, fresh fruit, and then a dessert bar.

In case you were wondering, yes, 4 hours on a dinner cruise is too much time. We had drinks, looked out the windows, and gave out awards for about the first hour, then we had dinner for about 30 min, then everyone drank a lot, sang karaoke and danced for the rest of the time. It was a very long night. I bet everyone thought we weren't having a good time because we found some comfy chairs and sat there playing games on our phones to pass the time and to try and stay awake. By the time the boat was making it's way back to the dock people were falling over and talking extra loud. It was funny to see them make their way down the stairs.
When we got back to our hotel we had one last gift from Cable One. It was a very expensive looking book all about the hotel and this mug filled with key lime jelly beans. It was their way of telling us that the trip next year is to Key West, FL. Right now Aaron is in the running for the trip but leaving our kids was really hard and there is a possibility that we would miss Jett's birthday again. BUT, I have never been farther east than Carlsbad Caverns, so a trip to Florida would be great! Maybe it would be during your spring break this time mom...