Monday, October 15, 2012

Corey's wedding Weekend

We went to the Hill Aerospace Museum. We couldn't stay long because Ashlynn was tired of walking and the fake heads scared her. Cambria and Jett loved it though.

 This is one of the first airplanes you see inside the museum, and Cambria thought it looked really funny.
 Corey's wedding day was perfect. I felt like the day went by so fast. We had so many friends and family that came to the reception, I didn't even get to say hi to everyone. Jett was a trooper even though he was tired and didn't get to eat any of the food.
 I think they both had several cupcakes.
 I didn't take that many pictures. I was so busy trying to say hi to people and eating that I forgot all about our camera. I didn't even get a picture of just my family. Oh well, we all looked cute and we matched.

 About to get Corey ready in the Bride's room. The reception place was so fancy.
 She said she was on her way to Narnia.
 We went with some friends to a pumpkin patch. It was so fun and we are glad they invited us. The girls loved it and were sad when we had to leave even though by then it was freezing!
 All of the kids who were getting us through the maze.
 The girls and our neighbor.

 Cambria said this maze was too easy.

 The guys were racing down the slide.
 It was not a soft landing.

 Since I haven't blogged in a long time I never posted pictures of the fair. I'm glad the weather was nice because Cambria was really looking forward to the rides. Ashlynn got to go on a few but she was too short for some. She didn't mind though, she liked watching Cambria and Fiona.

 Cambria must take after Aaron because she loves roller coasters.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 We went to Bear Lake last week with Brenna and Justin. I love Bear Lake because it is perfect for kids to play in, it's so shallow. My girls just love to play in the sand.

 The first day was cloudy and got kinda cold so we went to our campsite.
 We didn't take many pictures while we were camping but this was breakfast the next morning. It was yummy.
 Jett liked to watch us play, but the poor boy is always in something pink.

 There was lots of people and birds for him to watch.
 The next day was really sunny and hot. It was perfect.

 Cambria got muddy at the cabin so she took a bath in the sink.
 This kid does not sleep well, he has never slept for longer than 4 hours at a time, and most nights he wakes up every hour or 2 hours, but at least he is a happy baby.
 They love to feed him, hold him, dress him, and give him baths. The are very helpful but they also make him mad because of all the hugs and too much attention. He cries almost every time Ashlynn gets near. I have to remind them that sometimes he likes to be left alone.

 We gave him some rice cereal the other day, he hated it.
 I love our garden, it looks even better than last year. We have already eaten some carrots a few days ago, they were small but good. This year we have yellow squash, zucchini, onion, red and orange peppers, raspberries, strawberries, red potatoes, 2 kinds of tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and pumpkins.
 I had no idea that strawberry plants grew little arms out that anchor themselves to the ground. It looks like an alien plant to me. We had a few strawberries a while ago but they died and I haven't seen anymore yet.
 Yellow Squash. We have a few growing already.
 Pumpkin. We planted white and orange pumpkins, but I'm not sure which one this is.
 Tomatoes. I can't wait until they are ready to eat. We planted a bunch of tomatoes because I want to make  marinara sauce and try to can it. I still have salsa I made with Peggy a few years ago in our basement.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Princess Festival and 2 birthdays

 This summer so far has been very busy for us. We have gone on vacation a few times, had 2 birthdays and went to the Princess Festival in Utah. Sarah and Mark let us stay with them and we had lots of fun. I always like staying up and playing games with my family.

The girls got to dress up and meet the princesses. It was hot outside and windy but we still had fun.
 When Ashlynn saw her she ran to her and gave her a big hug, she didn't want to meet anyone else, she loved Cinderella.

 Cambria was the only one brave enough for a picture with Captain Hook.
 Tinkerbell gave them some fairy dust and blew some bubbles for the girls.
 Cambria as Rapunzel
 Ayla as Rapunzel.
 We got to listen to Rapunzel tell a story in a cave. Cambria Ayla and Ashlynn are in the front row.
 Ayla wanted her to make her hair glow. The girls were so cute.

 Hanging out at Ayla's house. My girls always ask if we can go there for a sleepover. They have so much fun with their cousins.
 This picture makes me laugh, she kinda looks like Brenna.
 Ashlynn woke up on her birthday to lots of presents and decorations.
 We went to Blast Off for her birthday. This is her favorite place and it was her idea to go.
 Tinkerbell cake.
 Cambria's birthday is on the 4th of july so it is always fun. We got up early for the parade, ate pizza, went to see Brave, opened presents and then went to the fireworks show. She planned her birthday and she did a good job because it was a fun day.
 Ashlynn gets Cambria's old bike now and she looks so grown up.
 I can't believe she is 6!