Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Post

This Sunday we went to church in Blackfoot because for Pioneer Day his parent's ward has it outside in the grove. It is always fun to go to. People ride to church on horses, 4 wheelers, and a lot of people just walk. Its fun to have the meetings outside, and it was such a nice day! Cambria got to go to Primary because there is no nursery outside, and they were learning all about the Pioneers and how they had to leave most of their stuff behind. Cambria was kind of upset when she learned they even had to leave jewelry!! They piled stuff in a wagon and pushed and pulled it all around outside, just like the Pioneers.

Don't worry, there was no baby in that carseat!!
Ashlynn loves taking a bath. Well she doesn't kick and splash or anything, but she doesn't cry either!

When her hair is wet it is really curly. Cambria's was never like this, and her roots are already coming in blonde.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent's anniversary. I wish we could be there to throw you guys a big party. Well since we can't I hope you guys go out and do something fun tonight!!! We love you so much!!!I also realized today that I don't have very many pictures of you. I liked this one though because it was my birthday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cambria was crying the other day because I took a necklace away from her, she was swinging it around and almost hitting Ashlynn with it, and I had already told her to stop several times... anyways so I was just ignoring her while she was throwing her fit and I was cleaning my room, and all of a sudden I noticed she was snoring!! So I very quietly left the room, after I took a picture, and let her sleep for an hour and a half. This rarely ever happens.
She is holding her pacifier, how cute is that?
During the day I just lay her on the ground and let her sleep, she has been having trouble falling asleep on her own because she likes to be held, but when I lay her down during the day she falls asleep on her own and it has been helping her get to sleep and stay asleep at night. Anyways this was just the other day and she already rolls herself onto her side, she first did this when she was about 3 weeks old!!!
Dont you just love the dollar store? WE DO!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yard Sale... and other stuff

On Saturday Aaron's family had a yard sale, so we spent the day there playing in the front yard. It was so hot! It actually got above 90 degrees... a first for this summer!!!
Don't worry they weren't selling this horse, or else I would have bought it. Cambria and Fiona's barbies loved it!Cambria and Fiona playing in the pool. It looks like Cambria is falling, but she was really just going down the slide on her tummy. Do you like her headband? I made it out of old panty hose. I went crazy and made a million flowers and bows so that I can take the flower off and clip another one on. She is so cute!I got a pump and I am SO excited about it. I feel like I can go anywhere now! I also have a little supply that is growing in my freezer. I was always afraid to leave the house to go to the store or something because if she was hungry she would just scream and there would be nothing Aaron could do about it. Now I can go get groceries or something BY MYSELF every once in a while. Even if it is only for 5 minutes sometimes it is nice to go somewhere alone!I took this picture so you can see how long she is compared to Cambria. Ashlynn is growing pretty fast, she is almost too big for her newborn clothes!!
I was cleaning Cambria's room and I put all of her jewelry in her jewelry box and she decided she had to wear it all at once. She wore it all day, and the next day too! I made the bows in her hair, cute huh?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bath Time

Last night Cambria helped me give Ashlynn a bath. Cambria thought it was tons of fun, but Ashlynn didn't! She is going to be 5 weeks old on Tuesday, she is getting so big. At her last appointment on the 7th she was 9 lbs and 6 oz. I haven't been taking too many pictures lately because she has REALLY bad baby acne. Also I have been napping a lot during the day (Ashlynn still kinda has her days and nights mixed up) and trying to potty train Cambria. I feel like I have been very busy. I was never this tired after I had Cambria. Cambria was a better sleeper, Aslynn is just too light a sleeper, and when I get her to sleep and then lay her down she wakes up.

This was the Sunday after Cambria's birthday, she had some presents to open from her cousins. They gave her some really cute dishes, a puzzle and some gum! She also got the outfit she is wearing from us for her birthday.

That's all for now. We are on our way to Blackfoot today so I will try to take more pictures and post them tomorrow!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cambria's Birthday

Yesterday was Cambria's 3rd birthday! Everyone went boating on Friday, and then we had a party for her on Friday night. We grilled hot dogs and burgers and she got her barbie jeep that she has been talking about for weeks! She also got a swing set from Aaron's parents but we have not had time to set it up yet. On Saturday we got up early and went to the parade, she thought that was really fun. There was so much to look at and she would dance when the floats with music came by. Then we went to the cabin for a few hours and rode the razor around and watched movies. At 9:30 we went to see the fireworks show, we got a pretty good spot but after about 15 min Cambria started saying she needed to go home because she was tired. It was a fun and busy weekend.

She said she wanted a pink castle cake, so I made her one. I think it came out really good.

Cambria and Fiona on the tube with Candace.

Ashlynn's first trip to the cabin.

There were a few floats that had birthday cakes on them and they said Happy Birthday USA, and they were singing Happy Birthday, and so Cambria thought they were singing to her! It must be fun to have your birthday on the 4th of July, you always get a parade, fireworks and a big party!

My mom got this dress for Cambria, she looked so cute. She is such a girl, she loves wearing dresses.
Ashlynn's first parade!! Of course she slept through it all... but notice she had a cute 4th of July dress on too!