Monday, March 28, 2011

The finished basement

We are excited that our basement is finished. My cousin Josh and his wife Kortnei were the first to stay downstairs this weekend. It was nice to have a place for guests to stay. Here is Cable One. Cambria has always called Aaron's office cable one ever since he got the job with them.
Here is the guest bedroom, or as my mom calls it, the mother in-law suite. She is coming for Corey's graduation and we can't wait!

And finally the bathroom. This took the longest to finish. Aaron had a friend help him with the floor, and a neighbor do all the plumbing, and then Aaron put all the travertine in the shower himself.

So there ya go. We now own a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house. So come visit us!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The floor is done!

Aaron and his dad worked on the floor in the basement on Saturday. Aaron just finished it today. It looks good. We decided to do a wood floor because it was cheaper than carpet and easier to install. We are going to do the tile in the bathroom probably tomorrow, then finish up the bathroom and we will be pretty much all done!

They were watching a movie, and didn't even know we were watching them. Cute kids.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A birthday and green food

Last weekend was Jaymee's birthday so we went bowling. I always forget how much I like to bowl, but chasing Ashlynn around the bowling alley was not fun.
Cambria is so excited for warmer weather, we are all tired of being inside all the time.
Waiting for our steaks to cook. She always makes funny faces.

My kids love ice cream.
Cambria's cute monkey pj's.
For St. Patrick's Day we went to Blackfoot and made a green dinner for Grandma and Grandpa. We had green kool-aid, which I think actually tastes kinda horrible.
We had pasta that was stuffed with italian sausage, and Aaron made a green sauce to go on them. It was good. We also had garlic bread but it wasn't green and by the time I took pictures it was all gone!
We also had salad.
And for dessert Cambria helped me make banana creme pie desserts for each person. We colored the pudding green and then put bananas on top. This is one of Aaron's favorite things to eat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We have rooms!

The truck that delivered the sheet rock. The guys took out our basement window and just slid the sheet rock inside the window. It was fun to watch.
This is Aaron's office, or as Cambria calls it Cable One.
The closet.
The hallway to the bathroom.
Corey's future closet.
Corey's future room. Cambria wants to paint it green because that is Corey's favorite color.
I am excited to get this basement finished. We have rooms now so come stay with us!

Cambria loves to sing Taylor Swift. I had another video to post but I think it was too long because it wouldn't let me. Oh well.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dress up and basement

Cambria wanted to play princesses with Ashlynn one day. This was the first time Ashlynn has worn a princess dress because the ones we have are too big for her. She would get mad because she would step on the dress when she stood up.
We had the flu at our house and the kids got it worse than we did, I felt so bad for them. Aaron went to church without me so he could teach our class. The girls fell asleep shortly after her left and stayed asleep until almost bedtime. This has never happened at our house, Cambria hasn't taken naps since she was 2 and Ashlynn usually won't sleep unless she is in her crib. So it was weird to have such a quiet house all day.
They had a movie day in Cambria's room. Pretty soon we are going to move them into a room together and use this room as a toy room. It will be nice, but we have to get Ashlynn into a toddler bed first.
One day last week we had a neighbor who is a plumber come and put the bathtub in our basement. Ashlynn sat and watched them, it was really cute.
She is on the other side of the bench, I just thought it was cute that she was so interested in what they were doing.
Our tub!!! We decided it was worth it to pay a little extra to hire people to come finish our basement. Aaron could have done the sheet rock and stuff but it would take him forever to do it. The people who are coming did our friend's basement, and they will be done in 2 days. It will be so nice to have our house finished.
I have been wanting these dresses at Old Navy for a long time but I always talked myself out of buying them because they were never on sale. Well the other day there were only 2 of them left and they happened to be my kid's sizes. So it took it as a sign and bought them. Ashlynn's won't fit as a dress much longer but it would be cute with leggings in the summer. Anyways, I though they looked really cute.
Ashlynn's deedee. I think she might have gotten the word deedee from her cousin Brinley while we were in El Paso. How cute is that?