Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dance Recital

We are so proud of Cambria, not only did she look so cute, she also had the crowd laughing during the first dance because of the faces she was making, and she was spinning like a ballerina when she wasn't supposed to in the dance. It was perfect! I had people asking me after if she was supposed to be twirling because she was in the very center, but nope, she did that on her own. I also had someone tell me it was the perfect ending to the dance. She is just not shy at all, and I am so glad that she loves to be the center of attention. You can tell in the second video that she gets distracted a little, she is the one on the far left. I love watching the little kids on stage because it doesnt matter what they do it is always cute! Enjoy the videos!

Our camera wasn't working that night so I will have to get the pictures of her all dressed up from Aaron's parents and post them later. You can see she still has a little makeup on, I really caked it on so she didn't look so washed out on stage. Grandma made this sucker bouquet for her and gave it to her after, she loved it so much. It even got to sleep by her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


We have been wanting to go to the cabin but we had to wait until all the snow melted, and it kept snowing! So last week we drove as far as we could and then just hiked up the little road to the cabin, it only took about 15 min. It was very nice outside even though it might look cold, we ended up taking off our jackets.

Aaron and Cambria were very busy outside yesterday planting all this new stuff outside our house. When they grow bigger it will look so nice!
I know she kinda looks silly, but she has insisted on wearing these 2 skirts together every single day this week. She cries when I ask her to wear shorts because then she "won't be a princess". She also likes to wear 2 shirts. We took some pictures of her dress rehearsal for her dance recital, she is so cute on stage. It is weird for me to think that she is old enough to get on stage and be brave and dance, and then wait under the stage for her next dance. I guess it doesn't sound weird but she just seemed so old to me the other day. Wednesday was her last day at dance, they had a party and got a trophy. She was so excited to put the trophy up in her room.
Ashlynn loves to walk but only if she is holding on to something, she can stand on her own but she won't even try to move her feet. Oh well, I can wait for her to walk!
Last saturday in Blackfoot was such a warm day, we were outside all day and then had a bbq, maybe spring is really here!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey I'm having a Mary Kay Party at my house Tuesday night at 8:00. You get a free facial. Bring a friend. So if you live close to Idaho Falls let me know if you would like to come!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coheed and Cambria - Here We Are Juggernaut

Best Night Ever

We had been wanting to see Coheed and Cambria for a long time and we finally got to see them in Salt Lake on Monday!! One of our other favorite bands, Circa Survive, opened for them so it was double fun. The pictures didn't come out that great because it was so dark, but we got to stand on the balcony and we were close enough to see their sweat drip, it was great but gross. The videos also didn't come out good because our little camera just couldn't take the loud music. This is for you Corey...
I know to most of you this probably just sounds like noise, but to us it was the greatest thing ever! The first video is the guy from Circa Survive dancing around the stage, he was so entertaining, very crazy, but fun to watch. I also ran into my uncle Brian and my cousin Eric who were in the very front row! The last 2 videos were Coheed and Cambria. I promise they sound better than the videos here. I posted a video of Coheed and Cambria just because. Enjoy!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

El Paso #2

The Cheese Party!!!
Stacey made these really cute cakes, and they were REALLY good!
She made matching cupcakes for the kids... more cake for me!!
Cambria ate TWO cupcakes!!
The kids really enjoyed them...

Stacey posing with her Hobby Lobby gift card, I'm so jealous! Buy something good!
We used to climb these things at Mer's house when we were little. I guess we were feeling a little like kids again.
Bowling! My score was horrible so I won't go into that but I will say that all the kids beat me...
Ashlynn and Brinley got to be pretty good friends. They would kinda talk to eachother.
Doesn't Aaron just look so excited??
Cambria was posing funny for pictures. I'm not sure why, but she looks cute!
She was helping Amma bowl.
Gia helping Cambria bowl. That's why the kids got better scores than me, they cheated!

Baby Landon and Corey. I'm sure he liked watching us bowl.
I made the cute dresses that my girls are wearing for Landon's blessing. Thanks for teaching me Sarah and Stacey, now I need to get going on my sewing machine!!
My parents have the cutest grandkids in the world. Stacey and Sarah made Brinley and Ayla matching dresses also.
The boy cousins. I liked this picture because Landon looks like he is kinda smiling.
They looks cute matching but Ashlynn was hungry so she didn't pose well for the pictures.

This wasn't in El Paso but isn't she lovely??