Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amma came to visit!

I love it when my mom comes to visit. We always have fun just sitting around watching movies, doing puzzles and eating. This time we had a cute baby to stare at also. Thanksgiving day was fun, we woke up and watched the parade and started cooking.
Corey and mom made the most delicious rolls ever. Luckily for us the recipe was huge so we got to snack on them all week.
Corey was a good sport and she stuffed our turkey. Aaron had hurt his thumb and had a bandaid on, so we didn't want him to lose the bandaid in the turkey! My mom had read a story on the internet a few days before about something similar happening. It made us laugh.
The girls had their own table set with the turkeys we made with grandma and grandpa.
The adult table. Thanksgiving was a success. I think it was the tastiest turkey I have ever had.
A few days later Ashlynn fell asleep like this during lunch.
We decided to make some sugar cookies while Amma was here.
Ashlynn was too little last year to remember making cookies. She had fun but her and Cambria's cookies were mostly sprinkles.
I always make their frosting separate because they just lick their knives the whole time.
The night before Amma left we all got to sit around and watch baby Cora. Cambria has been dying to hold her but she is so tiny so we have been trying to keep the kids away from her and not let them touch her too much. They are so excited to have a new baby cousin living so close to us.
Cambria took this picture. My mom put the remote next to her to show how tiny she is. She is so cute!