Saturday, June 28, 2008

I was Tagged!!

In this tag you have to take a picture of your toilet, sink, fridge, closet, favorite room, laundry room, favorite shoes, and kids as they are. I didn't cheat, I took these pictures yesterday but I didn't have time to post them because we went to friends for dinner, but I knew that by the time I would post today we would have cleaned.

This is in Cambria's bathroom, (notice the Spongebob towel) I like the shower curtain and floor mat in her bathroom better than ours, but I promise ours is clean too. I'm lucky Aaron cleans all the time!Our closet may look messy but it has actually been clean ever since we moved in, we just have a lot of stuff.
These are my favorite shoes, I like how my toes poke out of the front, I always have them painted bright pink and it looks cute!
I love when she naps. It is so quiet! She always has to have her baby by her when she sleeps. The baby even has her own blanket and has to be tucked in too.
Our fridge is still clean and kinda bare, we have only been here about 2 months.
Our sink almost always has a few dishes in them because our dishwasher is kinda small, and it was Aaron's turn to do the dishes.
I tried to get our family room and the kitchen because we love to eat and this is where we spend most of our time, watching free cable since Aaron works for Cable One, playing with Cambria, and sitting on our porch. I have herbs and flowers I am trying to grow on the porch, and Cambria loves going out there and yelling at the people outside.
Our laundry room is in Cambria's bathroom. It pretty much always looks like this. We don't have an ironing board so Aaron irons on the towel.
Thats it! I tag Laura, Mindi, Amanda, Corey, Rachelle, Brooke, and Jaymee.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pink Toe Toes!

Cambira likes to have her toe nails painted. She calls them pink toe toes. She has such cute words for everything, chocolate milk is now chiki milk in our house, and when I got her up one morning I said are you hungry, and she leaned down to her baby (she can't sleep unless her doll is tucked in bed by her) and said are you hungry baby? She is SO cute! She was at a softball game last week with Grandma and Grandpa and there was a little boy crying, so she kept yelling at him "stop crying baby!" Which I am sure probably only made him cry harder.We bought this the other day because we got bikes when we were still living in Rexburg and we never got to use them in Las Vegas, but we needed one so we could bring Cambria along on our bike rides! She loves it so much. The other night we rode around for about 2 hours and she just sat there looking at everything we passed. Yesterday we had to bring her baby along and strap her in too! She loves wearing sunglasses because we always wear ours when we are outside. I'm not sure why but she always put them on upside down. We met Aaron's dad for lunch today because he was in town for some training, and we walked across the street from where we ate to walk around and look at the water. This is why I love Idaho. It is so pretty here, this is about 10 minutes from where we live.
She wanted to get down and run around, and I wanted a cute picture, well she ruined the picture but I look ok!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Cambria thought this was a very fun game. She would get upset when Aaron took the towel off his head. We went to Olive Garden the next night and she put the cloth napkin on her head!! It is too bad I didn't take my camera!Her favorite show at the moment is Spongebob Squarepants. She calls him A bob pants, and she says A Trick for Patrick. She can also sing most of the song. Since we got this tv I always have to make her move back. She carries this stool everywhere so she can see when I'm cooking, doing the dishes and putting on makeup. This is what we did this weekend at Aaron's grandma's house. This is the entry way to the house, it is connected to the garage, and the stairs I am on go to the basement. We painted the whole room!Cambria has really been working really hard too. She has painted and sanded walls. When she sees someone doing something she tries really hard to do exactly what they did, she is chipping away at the baseboards. On Saturday we went boating at the puddle. It was really nice outside but after about an hour there were way too many boats. It was a lot of fun though, Cambria seemed to like it very much. She doesn't remember boating last year and I was afraid it would scare her.
We had another movie night, but this time we also played guitar hero. It was really fun on the big screen. Cambria was standing in front of the projector so that it would be on her tummy.

More from last weekend

I had way too many pictures from last weekend and I didn't get around to posting them, so here they are. We went to a lake in Blackfoot called "the puddle", for Blackfoot Pride Day. People were racing their snowmobiles across the lake. Some people end up sinking their snowmobiles, but we left before that happened. This is why I love Idaho. This is the view from the porch at Aaron's parent's cabin. I love it because you can't see anything but trees all around. This is the face she makes when she is smelling something. She always does this when she sees flowers, even if they are just on my skirt!
She was having a lot of fun playing outside until she fell in the mud!She likes to wear my shoes after church. She can actually walk really well in them. She is a true girly girl.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


For Father's Day Aaron's dad got a projector from his mom. We decided that we were going to have a movie night outside and invite Aaron's brother and their kids to come watch Transformers with us. We just hung a sheet on the side of their house moved all the comfy lawn furniture, bean bags and blankets in front of it. We had so much fun. The only downside was that it doesn't get dark until about 9:30 here so we had to wait forever! We decided that we will have to do this as much as we can during the summer. We are going to take it to Lake Powell so we can watch movies there. We couldn't really get any good pictures, but you get the idea!

This picture was from before it got really dark so you can't tell but the screen got really clear and looked just like a movie theater. We brought out some speakers and so it was loud and sounded good, the neighbors live kinda far but they could see it and today at church some of them said they thought about coming over and watching it too. We could have made the screen bigger but then we would have been sitting in bushes!Here we are waiting and waiting for it to get dark!!