Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fun

On Thursday we went to the Pumpkin patch. It was cold so we didn't stay long, but Cambria and Ashlynn wanted every pumpkin they saw.

I love these things. So easy, and no mess! I'm not sure why Cambria is making that face though.
Corey had a few days off so she came to stay with us and we had a little party. I made Aaron go buy some dry ice, and he had to go to a few places before he found some. It was worth it. I remember my dad doing this when I was little. It was the witch's brew. So fun.
It was bubbling and overflowing all over the counter.
It also made the kool aid really cold and slushy. It was really yummy.
Sunday night we went to Blackfoot to eat and carve pumpkins.
Cambria actually put her hand in the pumpkin this time, but only because Fiona did first. It was cute, they drew their face on and cut it out themselves.

Ashlynn likes carving pumpkins too but she thought it was stinky, and she would not put her hand in.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Park City

Well these first 3 pictures were from the day before we left, but they were so cute I had to add them. Ashlynn loves to dress up. She is always wearing some sort of skirt or princess dress. She is just like Cambria.
They love it when I move the chairs out of the kitchen to mop. They think making a train is the funnest thing.
This is what it looked like the day before we left. As soon as it started snowing I went outside and rescued our onions, peppers, zucchini and carrots that were still growing. It is a good thing I did. It has been so cold lately that all of the plants are dead and wilted now. I have tons of onions and carrots. Maybe I'll make chicken noodle soup.
We stayed in Park City this weekend with Aaron's parents and Jaymee. I have never been to Park City before, it is really cute. We went to the Utah Olympic Park to see the museum and there were people practicing! It was very cool to watch them.
There was a lot of neat stuff to look at in the museum.
They are ready for the olympics.

Do you think they would let a pregnant lady run with the torch?
Corey is on a bobsled team. She looks so tiny.

Right above the red spot on the picture there is a tiny person in red. I never realized how high up they are and how fast they go.

Run Corey!
There was a little mishap with the bubbles and Ashlynn was not liking it at all.
Grandpa got a new bike!
We could have stayed and watched this all day, but it was cold and snowy. You can't see the people very well sorry, it was snowy and bright outside.

One of the cutest kids in the world. I think she got this from a movie and she did it to Aaron one day. It was funny.