Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Utah Weekend

On Friday we went to a Harvest Festival thing with my friend Mindi and her kids. It was so fun. She had coupons for us all to get in for $4 each (it was normally $11), and so we spent a few hours there. We will have to go back next year because they have tons of fun things for kids, and Cambria had so much fun running around. It was fun to see you Mindi!

Then we went and spent the night at my grandpa's in American Fork, and also got to spend some time with Aunt Janey and Uncle Jack. Thanks for letting us stay! We woke up early the next morning to shop at IKEA! I love that store. We are going to have to go back with more money soon... and then we went to the circus!! I love going to the circus, I think me and Jaymee and Corey were more excited than the little kids.... Anyways it was a really fun weekend and I have a bunch of pictures so look at the slide show. I'm not going to explain each picture, it would take too long.

Aaron's friend replaced the windshield in our car so that is why Cambria is sticking her head out of it! And, somehow Ashlynn turned completely around in the picture of her in her bed. When I put her in her bed she was facing the other way.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Cabin... again

She fell asleep like this one day... super cute!
Aaron was vacuuming up a bunch of flies that like to hang out by the windows. While he was up there he also took turns with his dad washing the windows.
Cambria can spin around and around in this little chair and she never gets dizzy, it was giving grandma a headache just watching her!
I know I know... she's adorable!
She loves to smile and even giggle a bit for her mommy.
She did not like this at all. She said she was scared and you can tell by her face that she was not having any fun.
I have the only 3 month old with a pony tail.
We just can't bring ourselves to eat this squash... he looks like he is smiling at us. It looks better in person.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dance Class

We registered Cambria for a dance class today. The class is every wednesday from 10-10:30. We took her today just to see the class but they let her go in and dance with the other kids. It was so cute. She did pretty well... except they had to tell her several times to talk quiet, or not talk at all and listen. I think it will get better once she goes a few times and begins to understand that she needs to pay attention to what they are saying. But she actually did what they told her to do. It was so cute, we can go every week to watch her because they have a window that we can watch through. They have 4 recitals a year, there is one coming up in november and one in december... so clear your calendars!!!We just couldn't resist buying the cute black leg warmers with the "diamonds" on them. They will be nice when it starts to snow soon and it will be cold on the way to dance. We also got lucky and went to shopko, which we NEVER shop at, and found that all their dance clothes were 40% off! How lucky.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Fair, and football game, and other stuff

Corey went with us to the parade right before the fair started. It was a nice day outside and Cambria had so much fun. She actually got a lot of candy at the parade. Corey is posing with the "flowers" Cambria picked for her.
She was covering her ears because the police cars were being too loud!
This made us laugh because the horses look way too small to be pulling those people...
There's Abby!! She is the cute one with the white socks on!
Some green guys...
At the fair Cambria stopped at the news booth and got to give the weather forecast... she is on TV!

Cambria and Fiona with the huge turkeys. Fiona was touching and petting all the animals but Cambria was kinda afraid of them.
Walking with Papa by the stinky cows. And then my camera died, so no more fair pictures, I have some on my phone but oh well. Trust me we had a good time. Cambria and Fiona went on a few rides, and we ate a ton of food.
On Saturday we went to Zac's football game, we ate hot dogs, and then watched Kaylor's game. They both won their games! Ashlynn slept through most of it.

Cambria loves to brush Ashlynn's hair after she has a bath, and this time she brushed it back until it dried. It looked really funny.
Every time we go to Ross she sees these pink blocks, and has been asking for then for a long time, so I gave in and bought them. She likes to make huge towers, and "cities".
Her hair is getting really long, I am thinking about cutting it short but I like pig tails... what should I do?
She is almost big enough for her boppy chair! She can sit for a few minutes but then she gets tired and she starts to fall over. She is 3 months old now and getting huge!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skleakly Clean!

I tried the best I could to spell squeaky like Cambria says it... Cambria absolutely adores her little sister. Sometimes it is a real pain, like when she picks her up a few inches off the floor and you say "Cambria you are not supposed to pick up the baby!", so she drops her... or when she is looking for the pacifier under Ashlynn so she rolls her over onto her face to look for it, or when she is trying to be helpful but is also too rowdy and throws the babies bottle at Ashlynn's head to try to get it to daddy faster... but it is also really nice that she likes the baby and loves to help me out. Of course with her help everything takes a little longer, but Cambria makes it more fun.

Corey has been here the past week and it has been really fun. Of course we don't do much, but it gives me a break when she helps out with the girls. For some reason when Brody was little he started calling her Gia, and since he was here last Cambria has been calling her that instead of Corey. Corey has made Ashlynn laugh a few times and smile a lot, but of course she smiles just when you look at her and talk to her. Cambria is like me, she can never take serious pictures. Corey why is your hand in the armhole of Ashlynn's dress? It looks weird.She has had so much practice helping me give her sister baths, that she likes to give her barbie a bath in the sink. She is so funny.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

photo shoot

Corey and I were trying to get a full smile on camera for quite a while. These were the best we got. Last night Corey got her to laugh a little. She tries so hard to laugh but she isn't sure how. It was so cute!Notice the dimple in her cheek... yes the same spot that Cambria has one. Weird huh?I'm not sure what kind of a face this is, but it was funny. She almost looks mad.