Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a Girl!

So we went in for our THIRD ultrasound today and the baby's legs were still kinda close together, but my doctor said it was a girl! He wants to do another ultrasound in 4 weeks just to be positive and because he doesn't charge me for them, we will just have the ultrasound when I go in for my next appointment, but he said he is pretty positive it is a girl!!! We are so excited, I would love to have a boy, but I think it would be so much fun for Cambria to have a little sister to play dress up with, and everything we have is really girly and pink, so we would have to buy tons of stuff if we were having a boy. Anyways, I am really excited, but I am kinda shocked because the first time we went he said he thought it might be a boy, and because I have been really sick people were saying it could be a boy, so I have just been looking at boy names, so now I have to start thinking of girl names! YAY!

Here is just a silly picture of Cambria and Aaron wearing some pillows on their heads (the pillows that are full of those little bead things). And no that is not Cambria wrapped up in the blanket, and no it is not a doll or stuffed animal either, she wrapped the BLANKET in another blanket because it was cold.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Break in.

We love Olive Garden. Two months ago I received a gift certificate from work and Kelsey has been to sick to eat. She is feeling much better now so Today we all went on a date to Olive Garden. Cambria was super friendly to everybody she saw. As we were leaving the lady at the door said have a nice day and Cambria said " Bye, were going shopping."

When we got home i thought that we had been robbed. Looking at the pictures you would swear that some one broke in and trashed her room looking for money. To be honest it was CAMBRIA that was looking for something. I know that Kesley just posted her room trashed on Tuesday. Her room was clean when she woke up today. What can I say the girl loves to trash her room and party hard. She also loves her rides.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Messy Kid

I am so annoyed with Cambria's room. We clean it all the time but by the middle of the day it looks like this. She loves to watch disney movies in her room and so she plays in there a lot, which is good because then we can watch whatever we want in the other room, and it keeps the mess out of the family room. She pulls out clothes, and all her shoes and dresses because she likes to dress up, and she also gets all of her toys out of the toy box. She has a lot of stuff but the main problem is that she only has a small toy box, we don't want to put up shelves because we don't want a bunch of holes in the wall, and I am not sure how to keep her room cleaner. The mess really bothers me, but I guess I will just have to deal with it! We will just have to hurry and get a house so we can have a play room in the basement.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 years!

We had to scan these pictures onto our computer so they aren't the greatest...

We got married 4 years ago today! We had spent Valentines Day that year driving the 17 hours to El Paso with Brenna so we could get married. I had to go get my hair fixed when I got there because I had tried to do my own highlights and I messed it up and so I had blonde hair in my wedding announcements and then brown hair a few weeks later at my wedding. On our wedding day we had to get up early and get married civily in the bishop's office with our parents there, it was a little awkward standing there in our church clothes, saying "I do" and then kissing. Then a few hours later we crossed the border into Mexico to get sealed in the Cuidad Juarez Mexico Temple. It was a fun day that went by very fast. I just wish I had been more patient about taking pictures in front of the temple. We only have a few pictures and my hair was messed up in most of them. I have always hated posing for pictures, and so we only took a few and now I regret it because I don't like any of our pictures. Oh well. So today we didn't do anything special, I was feeling kinda sick all day, and there were no movies we wanted to go see, so we decided that we would do something on Saturday if I felt better, or we would wait for a movie to come out that we want to see. Being married to Aaron is so much fun, and he is so nice to me. He has been my personal waiter and maid for 6 months now since I have been pregnant. We really are best friends, and I can honestly say that besides the occasional argument, we have never had a real fight. I am glad that I was bold enough to look you up on the student directory and send you my phone number and tell you that I thought you were cute in an email after I had only talked to you 2 times. I love you Aaron!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big girl bed and cute pictures

You can't really tell how big my belly is because of the shirt, but it is getting big. I love my shirt I got it at Ross, and Stacey, I finally gave in and bought maternity pants with the big stretchy front that goes way up, but I love them. I actually found some pants that I don't have to roll up, and the stretchy part is really thin kind of like panty hose so it is really comfortable.
We were taking pictures right before my ultrasound today, this was our second one. At the first one the baby was down really low and facing the wrong way so we couldn't get a good look at it. I have been waiting 4 long weeks to go back and see what we are having. So today the baby was up a lot higher but its legs were pushed together so tight that we STILL could not see anything! I was so upset. I was pushing my stomach and telling the doctor to just give me some chocolate or something, but he said we would try again next week. I am so frustrated, I have been so sick, and had to get an IV because I was dehydrated, I had a really bad bladder infection that was making me sicker, and we have been disappointed at the ultrasound twice. This baby is already being such a little stinker!
Grandma even came with us to find out what the baby is. We will be going back next friday, and I will make sure I eat chocolate milk, cold water or eat candy before I go.
Aaron was cleaning out Cambria's closet and she wanted to wear and play with all the stuff he was finding, all the toys she had forgotten about because they were covered by more toys!
We changed Cambria's bed into the day bed. It kinda looks funny because the sides are so high, but she seems to like sleeping in it and she hasn't fallen out yet. The first night she didn't want to get in it because she had tucked her babies into bed and they were sleeping there, she didn't want to disturb them. We are going to wait to get a twin size bed for her when we get a house. When we bought these pajamas we were excited because they came with pants and shorts, but Cambria thought it was an outfit. I told her to put her hand on her hip to pose, but she also bent her leg. She looks so cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wim Suit and Cute Hair

Cambria gets confused and calls her snow suit her wim suit (which is what she calls her swim suit). She was so funny yesterday, when she saw it was snowing outside she got on her wim suit and skate boots. She calls them skate boots because on a cartoon they skate on ice when it is snowing outside. She says a lot of funny words. Aaron had to bribe her with warm chocolate so that she will come inside. In Island Park I asked her if she wanted some hot chocolate and she said no mommy just warm chocolate! For some reason she needs some extra cusioning when she lays on our couch!
She thought her hair looked so beautiful... and she got this watch in her happy meal. Please excuse the doritos on her face.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our weekend

On Sunday we went to Blackfoot to eat a bunch of food and watch the Super Bowl. The night before, Grandma had called Cambria to tell her that she had some balloons and that we were going to have a party. So Cambria was very excited, and after church she got her boots and coat and was waiting by the door for us to leave. She always gets ready first and will stand by the door and yell at the rest of us to hurry! She is so silly.
I'm not good at taking pictures. I always think I look funny, and so I make funny faces. My sisters and Aaron all make fun of me because I can never take a good picture. Oh well. I can't help it if that is how my face looks!!!
Cambria was "helping" in the kitchen again. Her and Grandma made some yummy texas sheet cake, that is one of my favorite things to eat, and I am pretty sure I ate most of it!Here is a picture so that you can see that I actually look pregnant now. I feel huge!
Cambria looked so funny when she was trying to blow up the balloons. She would go cross eyed looking at it, and it would just shoot out of her mouth. She was getting kinda mad because mine were blowing up just fine, but she went through almost the whole bag of balloons and each one she picked was "broken"!She wanted to take pictures later when we got home, and I took more belly pictures, but I didn't have any makeup on and so I looked too blah to post them.She was trying for a really long time to get her belly to stick out like mine. Not quite just like mommy's...She also thinks she has a baby in her tummy. When I say the baby is moving around and kicking she says hers is kicking too.