Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute Kids

Ok so I think my kids are the cutest kids ever. All they do all day is play together and have fun and wreck my house. I love it, and I love watching them hug and play. They got tired when we put up the Christmas tree so they laid on the box. They thought this was hilarious.
These are the aprons that I made them for Christmas. Cambria wore hers the other day when we made cinnamon rolls but she said she didn't like to wear it when she cooks because she didn't want to ruin the fabric. So she used a towel to wipe her hands on instead.
We just had to have steaks the other day even though it was like 9 degrees outside. Aaron is a trooper.
I never get tired of looking at this cute face.
Stacey made these cute tutus for Christmas. They love to put them on and dance to Lady Gaga...
I absolutely LOVE the markers that only write on the color wonder paper. If I let them use regular markers Ashlynn's face would be completely covered. And so would the carpet and furniture.
Cambria is like me, always making funny faces in pictures.
They made a movie theater the other night. Cambria was telling me that all her friends were coming over. I'm glad her "friends" don't make a mess.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Day and New Years

We discovered Christmas morning that Santa had come, and eaten all the cookies! The kids were so excited, he even drank the milk.
He left a giant stocking for Aaron full of goodies.
Going through the stockings is my favorite part of Christmas morning.
Ashlynn and Cambria ended up with way too many presents.
I was so happy to get this, we danced all week!
The next day was Sarah's 30th birthday. Corey and I stayed up late the night before blowing up 30 balloons and decorating. We had a party and ate a bunch of food.
Sarah read all of the kids a book. They did a pretty good job of sitting and listening.
Then we took a bunch of family pictures. This is the first time in about 5 years that we have all been home at the same time, the last family pictures we took only had one grand kid in them. Now there are 7!
We also took some funny pictures...
Then we did our family gift exchange, Aaron looks more excited than the girls.
This was our gift to my parents. I bought the kit from a lady in my ward and made it. It turned out cute.
Ashlynn loves the headbands we got from the Millers.
Corey got all of these pajamas so we decided to wear them for a picture. They are actually really cozy.
This was New Years Eve. We had yummy food, tiaras, masks and we even put all of the kids to bed early so we could watch Inception. Some of us had to be woken up at midnight though...

The next morning we had breakfast and the kids helped deflate the air mattress. Then we went calendar shopping. It was a fun trip!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve

We went over to Mer's house so we could make sugar cookies. It was so warm when we first got to El Paso, in the 70's so we had to let them play outside even though they got REALLY dusty.
Ashlynn had dirt all over her, by the end of the day she had a dirt mustache.
The kids loved the trampoline. Cambria was telling the other kids that they had to jump soft for Ashlynn. Such a good big sister.

A little static...

I was inside making the cookies.
Ashlynn was pulling these three girls around. She is pretty strong.
Landon, Ayla, Ashlynn and Brinley all fit in the wagon!
They were watching a movie and Cambria was sharing her popcorn with everyone. This was the only time they weren't running around the house and making a lot of noise.
On our way to walk through Eastridge, a huge neighborhood where almost everyone decorates their house. It is a Christmas Eve tradition!

This was one of my favorites because i liked the tree.
We also liked this house because it was so pink!
Look how cute we are in our Christmas shirts!
Cambria was really concerned because we left our stockings in Idaho, and so she made sure these were hanging where Santa wouldn't miss them.

Stacey made these pajamas for her whole family. Cute! Don't her boys look tired and ready for bed?
My girls in their Christmas pajamas.

Corey and most of the kids, we were missing Ayla. She fell asleep in the way back from Eastridge.
The reindeer costume from Jaymee still fit her this year.
This was the last picture we took before we all went to bed so Santa could come!