Sunday, December 27, 2009


Aaron was in the shower one day and when he got out Cambria had laid out his clothes for him. I think this is hilarious because I used to do this with my sisters. It is weird though because I never taught this to her, she just did it on her own!
A few days ago it snowed and even though it wasn't very much Cambria waited patiently all day for him to be finished working and go outside to play with her.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Blackfoot. Aaron's mom was trying to teach Cambria about why we celebrate Christmas, but Cambria said it was Santa's birthday so they ended up making a birthday cake for him instead of cookies. Everyone was really tired and fell asleep early on Christmas Eve, so it made it easy for Santa to go to bed early too :) I don't know how my parents did it, shopping for 4 people this Christmas was kinda hard, and they did it for 7!! My mom also had to buy 5 of everything for us when we were little.

Santa went a little crazy! Cambria was so excited to get that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. She had asked Santa for it several times and was telling strangers at the store that she wanted it.

Stockings have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning, but it wasn't a tradition in Aaron's family, so I wanted to be in charge of them and I did stocking for everyone. I don't know why I like it so much, I think there is something exciting about opening tiny presents.
When I was little our gifts from Santa were always unwrapped and I think Cambria liked it because it was the first thing she saw.

Ashlynn didn't know what to think about these glasses but they sure are cute!

Cambria is kinda in a Tinkerbell phase right now, so Amma and Appa gave this to her. It was wrapped in a diaper box so when she opened it she smiled and said yay, I got some diapers for my baby sister!
Grandma and Papa gave this doll to Cambria, she LOVES it. She has carried it everywhere with her, and has named her Emily. She wanted her to go to the movies with us and church. We talked her out of it though...
Grandma and Papa gave Ashlynn this little horse. It plays music and talks. She can't sit on it by herself yet but she gets really excited on it and tries to make it rock and kicks her legs.
Fiona got some Princess dress up clothes and she let Cambria play with them. They were so cute dressed up together having a tea party.
This is the tea set she got. It is the Beauty and the Beast characters so it has Mrs. Potts and Chip. I love it. The tray goes on the cart so she can push it around. She served us orange juice for breakfast.
The day after Christmas we went to the church to eat and play games. They set up the wii on the wall with the projector. It was fun to run around and eat a lot!
Ashlynn sat in her little chair and watched everybody. She is eating the gross looking rice cereal and it is her favorite thing to eat. She gets so excited when she sees us getting it out.

Jaymee gave this reindeer suit to Cambria for her first Christmas so it was fun to put it on Ashlynn this year.
This is still Ashlynn...
This was in 2006 when Cambria wore it. She just started laughing really hard and it was cute because she had never laughed so loud before. You can see how Ashlynn still looks almost exactly like Cambria when she was this age, but Aslynn looks a little more like me and Cambria looks more like Aaron. But looking at the 2 pictures together it looks like it could be the same baby!
I put this dress on Ashlynn earlier this month but didn't take a picture and it doesn't fit her now. Cambria was 6 months at Christmas and Ashlynn is closer to 7 months now so clothes don't fit her the same time they fit Cambria.
Well I am sad that Christmas has come and gone already, but it was so much fun. We had a crazy couple of nights because Ashlynn didn't like the pack and play, and so I slept on the couch holding her. The night when she did actually fall asleep in the pack and play she woke up around 2 and wanted a bottle, so I very sleepily went to the kitchen to warm one up for her, when I went to put it in her mouth the milk poured out all over her!!! I had forgotten to put on the lid. It got her face and most of her body wet. I felt so stupid because she would have gone right back to sleep with the bottle, but instead I had to take her out and get new blankets and pajamas for her. I wish someone else was awake to see the look she gave me, and to laugh about it with me. It was about a hundred times funnier when it happened than just telling people about it. Poor baby...
I have some videos from our new video camera that I will try to remember to post later, but we have to get a new charge cord for our laptop so we can use it! I feel like I could go on and on about what we did this week but I'm pretty sure it is just like what everyone else did. We ate a lot, watched movies, spent too much money, played games and had a GREAT time!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I took this picture without the flash so you can see the ornaments and lights better, but it bothers me because the tree looks so much better in person. Oh well. I love it. We decided to spend too much money and get a 9 foot tree because our front room is so tall. Aaron made the bow on the top (manly, I know). His mom used to own a flower shop so he is good with decorations, flower arrangements, and apparently bows too.
I wish that when I found these stockings 2 years ago that I had bought a few more because they match my tree skirt. But the pink stocking is cute too, it says baby's first christmas. Also in the picture under the last stocking you can see i made Cambria a candy countdown. She has been asking me everyday if it is Christmas yet. It is going to be a long two weeks!
When Sarah was here we made some hair bows, and I was really annoyed with my ribbon because it was just thrown in a box. So it went from this...
To this. I have a bunch more, and now I have a lot of extra room so I can buy more ribbon!
Cambria was so proud of the bows she made. I let her play with the boyish looking ribbon that I am not going to use.
She likes to put her hair in a towel like me when she gets out of the bath, I think it is so cute!
Cambria had another dance recital. I wish that everyone could go. Kids are so funny to watch. There was this one little boy in another class that was walking around on stage like he was lost and his pants started slowly falling off, but he kept shuffling around the stage until one of his teachers carried him off. Everyone was just dying laughing. Then there are always the kids that cry through the whole thing, and the kids that make hilarious faces or something. It is very entertaining.
I wish I could wake up early enough on Sundays to do her hair like this, but we barely make it to church on time anyways, so I better not try.
I didn't let her put on her skirt until we got there because she tore it the last time, I fixed it using liquid stitch and I was afraid it would tear again. Luckily it didn't.
Cambria's fans in the audience. She was so excited that Jaymee drove here from Utah to watch her dance. Thanks Jaymee! Aslynn slept through most of it.
Cambria is the third from the right. We couldn't use the flash so all the pictures are kinda blurry. She did better in the recital a few weeks ago because here she was really distracted by the lights, but she looked cute anyways!

You can only see her leg in this last picture because she was trying to get the little girl in the back that was crying to come dance with the rest of them. How cute is that?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas party

We went with Aaron's parents to their ward Christmas party in Blackfoot. We were going to get a family picture at the Christmas party, but Ashlynn was asleep when we got there, and once the party started we just wanted to eat!

Standing in line waiting for Santa. Cambria has always kinda been afraid of Santa, but this time she was actually excited. She was jumping up and down and saying that she was going to tell him she wanted a Mickey Mouse clubhouse toy. I took some video but it was too noisy and she was just screaming so it is annoying and you can't understand her.
Aaron thought this was hilarious, Cambria had to go to the bathroom really fast so I stayed in line with the rest of the kids to see Santa. I would have felt dumb but a lot of the kids were as tall as me...
I think Cambria was more excited for the treat bag, but Ashlynn loved Santa's beard. I had to pry her fingers from it, I was afraid she would pull it off in front of all the kids. That would have been sad!
Decorating the... Cambria??
Cambria was so cute when she was helping put up grandma's tree. She was telling us where everything should go, and she would say "I don't like that idea" when grandma would try to put something up in the "wrong spot" or put something up Cambria didn't like.
Then she made brownies for us. I love to cook, but no one else in my family really does. I think she takes after me!
She was hiding in these cabinets and she had a glow stick in there and was reading a book.

Cambria is such a good big sister. She always comes to hug Ashlynn in between playing.
And she doesn't even cry or get mad when Ashlynn gets a hold of her hair and rips it out...

In one of the videos she is just humming the song. It was so funny, she was doing that while we were putting up the tree, and making the candy bags for the Christmas party.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Pictures

Yes, Thanksgiving dinner was THAT good!
Brinley. Isn't she cute?
Matching shirts!
While we were putting up the tree she was doing this and saying "hooray"!


Maid of Honor. Isn't she lovely?
Stacey made these dresses. She did such a good job. They were the cutest kids there!
I took a picture of Sarah being the photographer. If you look REALLY close you can see a tiny baby bump.
I only took pictures of them by the cake. You will have to wait until Sarah blogs to see more pictures from the wedding. I was too busy eating all the yummy food!
She looks so pretty!! Well except for the scary eyes... I also used a camera we bought on Black Friday and we don't like how the pictures turn out. So that's why they are fuzzy.
A rare Floyd smile!
Brody and Aiden were so excited to come and play in the snow. It melted the next day, and didn't snow again while they were here, but it snowed in El Paso they day they got home. That's funny because it never snows there.

Beautiful Brides.
Stacey made this for Brenna. We had a sisters and mom only bridal shower for her, we ate, played mall madness, rummikub and watched her open gifts. It was really fun. My mom and Corey also went with her to see New Moon. Stacey and I stayed home to watch the kids because we had already seen it. By the way, I loved it!
This was her first taste of baby food. She hated it. She eats the rice cereal, but she always makes this face.
Designer Shoes by Cambria.
Aaron gave Cambria this old laptop and she uses it to send emails all the time, even though it doesn't even turn on. The kids thought it was fun to play with it.
It is kinda hard to see but she fell asleep on the laptop. She must have been up late sending emails.
Brinley enjoyed the baby food a lot more than Ashlynn did.

I had to post this one because all 3 of her kids are looking at the camera. Brinley was tired, and Aiden doesn't like to take pictures. This one is a good one!! Cute family! Stacey and I also discovered that we look a lot alike except for our noses.
That is all!