Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Day

So 2 weeks ago it was warm and sunny, we were sure spring was here... unfortunately it got windy and rainy and snowy these last couple days. It seems like Christmas should be coming again. I even had to make hot chocolate after church today! The wind has been blowing so much that the windows sound like they are going to break! I took theses pictures about 15 min ago, hopefully mother nature has pulled her last prank for the year and we can get on to warm weather! We won't be taking Easter pictures outside in green grass this year.Aaron brought a bunch of boxes home from work so that we can pack and move in a few weeks to our new house!!! They are all over the place because we don't want to go through the trouble of folding them down, just to get them out in a few weeks, and Cambria loves playing with them. Aaron made the mistake of making her a castle out of them the day he brought them home. Now he has to make castles for her all the time. This is the front entrance with a door that she pushes open if she lets you in. And here is her throne. She has quite the imagination. One day he was out working and the boxes fell over and so she cried and told me to fix it, but apparently I kept putting the boxes in the wrong spot and she did not hesitate to tell me I was doing it wrong. Only her daddy can make her castles the right way!This was the first castle he built her in her room.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Yesterday we took Cambria to get a haircut. I know she is almost 3 but this was her first real haircut! I used to cut her bangs until she cut a chunk of them herself and then we just let them grow out. I have never tried to cut her hair because I was afraid it would look bad. Anyways it was so funny, she cried and didn't want to sit in the chair they had for her, and she didn't want to wear that thing they put over you so you don't get hair on you, and she also wouldn't let us take of her coat. So she ended up sitting on Daddy's lap, and she didn't even seem to notice or care that she was getting her hair cut. Weird girl!

I'm not sure why she is standing weird. The girl that did her hair does my hair too, and Aaron's mom's hair. She is wonderful!! She always does such a great job! She grew up across the street from Aaron, so they have been friends a long time!When we got to Grandma's house it was so warm outside. It was almost 65 degrees!!! So we went for a walk and worked in their backyard for a bit. It felt so good to be outside and feel the sun!!!When there was a lot of snow outside Grandma put her roaster pan outside so their dog could eat some leftover meat they had, well the neighborhood dogs ended up dragging the roaster pan off! So everytime we went over there Cambria and Grandma would get on their coats and boots and go look for it. When Cambria is looking for something she puts her hands up on her face like that so she can see better.

Some cute pictures of her new haircut. We didn't really cut that back that much but we just had her cut off the hair that was uneven.
Aaron took this right before we took her to get her hair cut. You can see how bad she needed one.These are the rest of the pictures from our trip to see Jaymee from last weekend. Going to eat lunch with her at Snow Basin was so much fun. We rode to the lodge up at the top of the mountain!! It too about 8 minutes to ride all the way up. If you look behind all those brown buildings you can kinda see a parking lot, it looks like we are so far up, but we weren't even half way up yet!

The veiw from our gondola ride.
We took some pictures when we walked out of the lodge. The mountain just drops away right behind them.
Here are more pictures from the zoo.

She was having so much fun on the carousel...
But not so much fun when she had to get off...
Sorry it was such a long post, but at least I had something interesting to post about!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Belly Pictures

Stacey has been telling me to post some pictures of my belly. Aaron took this picture today just for you Stacey! I am now 28 weeks, it seems like I have been pregnant forever, and that it will never end! I am starting to have really bad back pain and it hurts my back when I walk on my right foot. Other than that though it seems like I am over all the other problems I have had. I just need to drink more so that I don't get dehydrated again. When Cambria saw me taking the picture she wanted a picture of her belly too. She thinks she has a baby in her tummy, she says it is a pink baby (she wants everything to be pink.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

This Weekend

We spent all weekend in Ogden for Jaymee's birthday. It was so fun. Every time we stay at a hotel Cambria calls it "Grandma's Hotel". We ate at Olive Garden, went to the zoo, watched people in a sky diving wind tunnel, and rode the gondolas all the way up to the top of the ski resort Snow Basin, where Jaymee works, to have lunch with her. The ride up was cool because we were up so high and Cambria loved watching the people ski by under us. The lodge was super fancy, and the food was delicious! Our camera died sometime at the zoo, so I will have to wait until next weekend to post the rest of the pictures when we can get them from Aaron's parents. She did not like this little carousel. She cried and wanted to get off.Trying not to set off the smoke alarm in the hotel... Happy Birthday Jaymee!!!She thought she was really playing dance dance revolution with this girl. She would watch her feet real carefully and then try to copy her. I LOVE going to the zoo, I think I like it more than most kids do. I get really excited. The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake has a little train ride, and Cambria loved it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our House (hopefully)

We have spent all week looking at houses, and found one that we love, and it had just been reduced $15,000 in price. It is about 2360 square feet, and has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs and a family room finished in the basement. The laundry room is in the basement, we would just have to finish 2 bedrooms and a bathroom for the basement to be finished. It is nice because the laundry room was supposed to be upstairs but the people who had it built wanted it in the basement, so the space upstairs where it was supposed to be was turned into 2 closets, which is good because we need a lot of space for our junk! It also has air conditioning which is nice because most houses and apartments up here don't have that. We had some problems finding a lender that would give us the loan, I thought that when a bank pre approved you that it meant they would give you the loan, apparently I know nothing about buying a house! Anyways the big problem was that Aaron has only been at his job a year and most places said they wouldn't unless he was there 18 months or more. So long story short we found a bank that will do it, and they already started writing our loan yesterday, so as long as nothing else goes wrong we will be moving into our new house on April 13th!!!!

We are glad that the people who lived here already put in grass and sprinklers in front and back. The backyard is really big and only needs a fence put up on the left side (the houses here have no fences when they are built and sold so we are lucky to find one that almost has the whole backyard fenced in). A church building and parking lot is actually our backyard neighbors so we can just hop the fence to get to church!!We love that the kitchen has black appliances, and that the cabinets are darker than the other houses that we looked at. You can't see the floor but it is a dark wood floor. This is the family room in the basement, it looks kinda small but ...This is the other side of the room. So we can put a tv and couch on the other side and all of Cambria's toys on this side. It is a big room, just kinda funny shaped. We didn't take pictures of the other side of the basement because it is just unfinished and still has the owners stuff in it, but the door here leads to a big laundry and storage room.This doorway goes into the kitchen so you can see a little bit of the wood floor in there. It is so nice. Where Aaron is standing to take the picture is a living room and the front door, which we probably won't have anything in for a while.Here is the second bathroom. Aaron didn't take a picture of the master bathroom (it is a little bigger) and I didn't post pictures of the rooms because they just look like rooms. But you get the idea!! We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hard at work

This hole in the floor used to be where the hot tub was, the door in the back goes to their bedroom, and so now it is going to be a huge walk in closet! Aaron worked really hard yesterday to tear out all the wood that used to be on the floor, so when his dad got home they were ready to put in the beams to support the floor. When Aaron and his dad were down there and Cambria wanted to see what they were doing Aaron yelled for his mom to come over there because he said they needed some supervision for Cambria, and it was funny because then Cambria yelled "Grandma I need some supervision!" It is just hilarious when she copies what someone else said and it sounds very grown up and she has no idea what it means. Cambria even has her own set of tools at their house, and she loves to help them with their projects. She thinks that anything can be fixed with a screwdriver.