Sunday, May 17, 2009

This weekend

We didn't do much this weekend, but on Friday we went to Blackfoot, and Aaron helped tear out the deck in the backyard so they can build a new one. They are going to take the old one up to the cabin and use it as a back porch there.Cambria and Elvis watching everyone work outside.

For some reason she put her barbie jeep on her head while we were on our way to Blackfoot. She thought it was hilarious.
Our car died on Saturday and we aren't sure why, but we got to borrow this cute car from some of our friends. Cambria thought it was so fun to ride around in because she thought it looked like her barbie jeep. It was a nice warm day and the sun was out so we took it to get jamba juice.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

On Saturday we spent the day in Blackfoot with Aaron's family. It was such a fun day. It was really warm outside so we decided to grill burgers, and then play outside! We made shirts, and they all came out really cute. Click on the pictures to see them bigger, then you can see what the shirts all say.
Cambria just loved being outside after the long winter we have had, and she ran around the whole time.
She even got to bat once, but then she kept running and running past the bases until she was over by the swings!

Yay Jaymee!
The school we played at was just down the road from their house, so we rode the razor and 4 wheelers over there to play. Cambria was driving the 4 wheeler with Daddy, and she was pushing down on the gas and saying "we have to go faster!"
This was our picture we took just before church, i thought I looked pretty good, but now looking at the picture I realize that I must be really tired, because I look like I haven't slept in days.
This was my mother's day gift. I had never heard of them, but it is a black purse, and then you can buy different skins to put on it.
Aaron got me a pink one, the whole pink part comes off, and you can buy different colors and prints, and it just has magnets that keep the pink part on. So fun! So now I have to go buy more!!
Cambria loves to watch movies with her dolls. She calls the one on the left Sarah, and the other one is Cee Cee now.
Corey came to stay with us this weekend, and Brenna didn't have to work, so we had Aaron cook us steak on Sunday, it was SO good! Aaron is really good at grilling and everything he makes is amazing!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have the greatest Mom in the world. When I was little I always took cupcakes to school for my birthday and one day we forgot them, and after she dropped us off at school she went back to get the cupcakes and brought them to me. She was still going to school herself and ended up missing her class because I just had to have my cupcakes. Her Professor had started locking people out of the class when they were late because college kids were playing around and always late to his class. So she stuck around until it was over and explained to him that she was not playing around that day, and she had 5 kids she had to get up and get ready for school before she even came to class. i must have been really little because I don't really remember this, I just remember her telling me. So it makes me feel kinda bad that I probably threw a fit until she brought me the cupcakes, and it completely threw off her whole day and I don't even remember it. But I am so glad to have a mother who cared enough to put aside what she had to do that day so that I would be happy.

Another time when I was in highschool I woke up one saturday morning around 4 and was throwing up. When she finally got out of bed I remember her asking me why I didn't come tell her I was sick. At the time I felt silly going to wake my mom up when I was old enough to take care of myself, but now I realize, especially when I am sick, that I wish she could be here and bring me sprite and crackers, and even though I am old enough to take care of myself I will always need my mom. So even though these are not the most interesting stories they always remind me of how much my mom loves me.

So happy Mother's Day Mom, Mer, Grandma, Sarah, Stacey, and everyone else who is a mother!!