Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have not been blogging lately, so I am going to do a quick post so that everyone knows what the Morgans are up to. Today 8 years ago we got married! It makes me laugh to look at our wedding pictures, we look so little. Aaron and I went to Lava Hot Springs on Saturday, we try to go for our anniversary every year, and we also went shopping and out to eat, ALL WITHOUT KIDS! It was great.

She is such a good helper, I always tell her she is my babysitter for the day because she likes to feel like she is in charge of watching Jett and making sure he is safe. She likes to feed him, dress him, help with baths and play with him. she is so grown up. She loves 1st grade. She loves it even more when it is canceled because of snow... She just lost her 5th tooth, and she thought it was funny because the night it fell out we had watched The Tooth Fairy 2.
 Aaron took this picture right before we left (late) for church. I am her teacher at church and she thinks it is so fun, also she likes having Jett in her class too. It seems like Aaron has to teach in priesthood whenever it is my turn to teach so Jett gets to come to class with us.
 This is the poster she made for the 100th day of school. She got to stand up in front of her class and count all the cotton balls by 10's. She loves getting up and talking in front of the whole class, and at church. She likes it when everyone is looking at her and listening to her.
This was one of the days where school was canceled because we had a ton of snow and lots of wind. The girls just loved it. 
She is my crazy one. It is hard to get a picture of her being serious, I guess she takes after me. She is excited to go to pre-school next year, we even went to meet her teacher the other day, but she is also glad she still has a few months of staying home with me. We play polly pockets, princesses, do puzzles, and chase Jett all over the house. She also likes to help me clean the house, she is the duster and the mirror cleaner. Since Christmas she has worn this nightgown almost every day, even if we get dressed and leave the house she puts it on as soon as we get home.
 She is always running around the house when it is time to get in the car to leave, or time to go to bed. She actually wanted to sleep like this one night. She also begs for me to let her have a sleepover with jett in her room. She doesn't believe me that he will cry and wake her up and probably fall off the bed.
This was before church also. She started in primary this year and LOVES it! She is so good and quiet and stays in her chair, so unlike her. She always tries to sit next to her one of her teachers, she loves them. Cambria and I sit in the very back and so she turns around to wave at us, but she does it quickly and quietly. She was so proud of herself for going to the bathroom all by herself at church.  I think because she was our second we treated her like a baby longer than Cambria, so I still think of her as my baby sometimes and it makes me kinda sad that she is so grown up, but I love her personality and she is so fun!
 I've never really said this but up until Jett was born i was wishing he was actually a girl. I didn't even take any tags off of his clothes. I have 4 sisters and no brothers and two extremely girly daughters so I was scared to have a boy. Well it turns out that this boy is the funnest baby ever. The girls always preferred Aaron over me, and weren't very cuddly. Once Ashlynn could crawl and walk on her own she hated to be picked up or carried and she never sat on anyone's lap. Jett always wants to sit on my lap and wants me to pick him up. At church he is restless and fussy unless he is on my lap. At home he follows me around and tugs on my leg until I pick him up. He also smiled and laughed earlier than the girls did. When the girls were babies I did everything I could to try to make them laugh and they just stared at me. Jett smiles and laughs at me just when I look at him. He is so fun. He plays different than girls, and acts different, and I love watching him. He also said mama first :) He loves daddy too, and always gets sad when daddy goes downstairs to work in his office. Jett stands at the stairs and shakes the gate and yells at Aaron.
He also learned how to do this and thinks it is hilarious.
Jett makes the craziest faces.

 He got new bath toys for Valentine's day. He loves splashing in the bath tub. I can't wait until it's warm so he can play and swim outside, he will love it.
 He also has the weirdest hair. It sticks up in the back, and it is so hard to get it to stay down. When gets up from a nap he looks so funny.

This little boy is going to be 1 in only 2 weeks. I just might cry. I am not ready for him to grow up and be a big kid yet.
I don't ever have any good pictures of me and Aaron, he won a trip to San Diego for work, so maybe we will try to get some pictures of us on the beach. We are really excited to go on our first trip alone without kids but I am also SO nervous. I have never left my kids before and I am going to miss them. I worry that Jett will be sad without me. Anyway, there is our first post for 2013!