Monday, April 27, 2009

My Belly

Aaron took this today, 34 weeks!! I am mostly feeling good, I still feel sick to my stomach every couple days, and my back hurts, my feet are starting to swell, but I am excited that it is close to my due date and I am ready for this baby!!! Cambria copies everything I do, when I say the baby is moving she lifts up her shirt and shows us that hers is moving too. When I have a hard time getting off the couch then she has a hard time too. I struggle going up and down the stairs, and so does Cambria. It is really cute. She always says she has a sister in her tummy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More House Pictures

Our kitchen. Don't pay any attention to the birthday banner, Cambria found it and wanted us to put it up because she said it was my birthday. I love all the counter space we have. I made cookies the other day with Corey and we had the mixer and my recipe book and 2 cookie sheets all on the same counter! I have always had limited space in our apartments for cooking.
Cambria's room used to be green, it turned out really cute, we just need to get some curtains.
This is Brenna's room and someday will be the new baby's room. It was such a pain painting this room because it was dark blue brown and red, and the paint started to peel away from the walls when we put the primer on. It was a mess, but it turned out cute.
A bunch of tumbleweeds are in our backyard, either because they blew in or because the neighbors all around threw theirs in the yard because there is no fence and the house was vacant for so long. Aaron had to put them in the truck then make trips to the dump to get rid of them. Good thing it was a nice day outside! He also cut the grass again and put fertilizer on it, it has started to get really green in just a few days.
This is the other side of our yard, we will be putting a fence up hopefully soon.
Our upstairs living room
The play room, well sort of, we kinda just stuck some of her toys down there so her room wouldn't be so crowded.
This is the other side of that room, the family room. I love the basement because it is always cooler down there. It reminds me of going to my grandpa's house, we always thought basements were so cool because no one has them in El Paso.
Our gym....
And Aaron's office!
I know nothing looks really cute or is decorated much yet, but it is starting to feel more like home now that our stuff is all moved in.

Monday, April 20, 2009

All Moved In!

We moved all of our stuff into the new house on Tuesday. We thought Cambria would get upset when we moved her toys and bed but she was really excited to go to the new house and for her stuff to be in her new pink room. The first night she woke up around 3 in the morning because she wanted her tv on, but other than that she has loved the house and hasn't had trouble sleeping in a new place. She saw this in the garage and wanted to play in it, so for the last 3 days she has spent her mornings watching cartoons in it!

After church we went outside for a while to sit in the warm sun and draw with sidewalk chalk. We love having a backyard even though it needs one more fence, we just have never had our own backyard!!!

On Friday Aaron and his friend Albert mowed and power raked eachother's lawns. Ours took them over 3 hours to do the front and back!! I'm glad that we have so much grass and big front and back yards, but mowing the grass is going to be a real chore. Cambria got out her lawn mower on saturday morning but it was hard to push in the grass so she used it to try to clean off the sidewalk.

This is our backyard. This is only a portion of it, we got lucky that our house is on a pretty big lot. I can't wait to plant flowers or trees or something! This year we can actually get Cambria a little kiddie pool to play in, she has never had one before.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter!

Our Easter Sunday was very busy. We went to Blackfoot and grilled chicken and ribs and had tons of food and candy! We also had an easter egg hunt outside and we colored eggs.

Cambria got a barbie jeep for Easter, we made the mistake of giving it to her right before we went to church and so she ended up taking it with us to church! It was kinda funny, but I was so mad that we had to take such a big toy to church. No one seemed to care though, we just couldn't get it away from her, she even slept with it the past few nights!
This was her first experience coloring easter eggs because we forgot to last year and before that she was too little. Of course the first egg she did had to be pink!
Sunday was also Fiona's 2nd birthday. Cambria loves her cousin Fiona so much that before they moved back to idaho she was crying for Fiona for about a week. She kept saying I need my Fiona!!It was nice outside, a little windy but it was above 50 degrees so it was warm to us!Yep, she even carried her barbie jeep around during the easter egg hunt.
32 weeks!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aaron's Birthday Post!!

Yesterday was Aaron's 30th birthday, and i had been trying to plan something really fun for months. That was before we started looking at houses, and since we are closing this Friday we didn't have any extra money to spend on a super fun birthday. I felt really bad because he got me the expensive mixer for my birthday, and the year before that he took me to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the weekend, so i felt like he had been cheated. He said he didn't care though, he is getting a house for his birthday this year, that is all he is excited about. So I went to the store and found a few cheap gifts, and made his favorite snack, and we grilled steak kabobs and vegetables for dinner. Since it was Conference Sunday I got him a back massager and me and Cambria took turns giving him a massage during conference. Aaron actually made it, but I got all the stuff so we could have puppy chow, he loves it!
Cambria helped me make his birthday cake, and you can't really tell but I didn't have enough candles so I made a 3 0 and a ! out of them.
Corey even came down for his birthday, or she came here for the kabobs!!
This seems like such a dumb gift, but he hates how we have all our grocery bags just thrown under our kitchen sink, and so he told me he wanted one of these to keep them in, and I figured he would be excited if I got him something for the house, especially if he gets to use tools right away to put it up!!
He was laughing at this gift really hard when he realized what it was. I got him some tongs to use when he grills because we didn't have any nice long ones.
He loves anything that is raspberry flavored, and so I got him some soda to help wash down all his birthday treats.
So I hope he really doesn't mind that he got really dumb gifts, but I told him that when he gets his next bonus check he can pick out sme patio furnature for our backyard, he is SO excited to have a backyard!!! Maybe I should make him buy a lawn mower...

Cambria drew this picture one day and said it was Brenna. It looks a little bit like Ducky from The Land Before Time. We laughed for a while at the "pretty" picture of Brenna.
We took these pictures today. For some reason my belly is hanging out really far, the baby is down low, and so none of my shirts, even maternity shirts, are long enough. I still have 2 months to go, what am I going to wear??? This picture makes it look a lot bigger than the last picture, but it really isn't, from the front you can hardly even tell I am pregnant, i think the baby is just in a weird position that makes it stick out today. Notice that I am dressed for warm weather...yes it got up to almost 60 today, and the snow has melted! I am now 31 weeks, yay!!!