Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ashlynn is loving this

The first few days Cambria went to school Ashlynn was sad that she left without her, but then she quickly learned that she could do whatever she wanted. I let her play in Cambria's room the first few days and watch a movie and she didn't make a mess, then she just started pulling everything out and getting into Cambria's jewelry and losing things. This made Cambria mad.
So I started locking Cambria's door while she was at school. It seems mean but Ashlynn broke some stuff and lost some jewelry, and for everyone who knows Cambria, she is very weird about her stuff. She didn't like Ashlynn in her room while she was away. Also I did not like cleaning up the mess. Ashlynn would pull stuff out just because she thought it was funny.
She tried really hard to open the door, it was hilarious.
She was saying "push"!
She has also been falling asleep around the house because she does not like to take naps anymore but she still needs them because she is tired.
Note to self: one zucchini plant is sufficient, zucchini grows very well in our backyard.