Monday, June 18, 2012

Vegas Part 2

 The next day we went to the Luxor for lunch. It was only about 11:00 but it was so hot already. It felt good to be outside in warm weather.
 Cambria was afraid this would come alive and Ashlynn wouldn't even get near it.
 When we were dating Aaron took me to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay so we wanted to take the girls there. It was a lot bigger than I remembered.
 Ashlynn didn't really like the sharks. She was ready to leave once it started to get darker.
 Aaron made Cambria touch this sting ray and she cried really loud. She said it was gross and slimy.
 Jellyfish look so weird.

 We went swimming as much as we could. If it was up to the girls we would have spent all day at the pool.
I don't know why but Ashlynn really loves to chase birds and they always seem to come close to her.

 We ate lunch at the rainforest cafe. We had never been there before but it always looked like fun. They have all kinds of fake animals that are hanging in the trees and they move. Every few min there is thunder and lightning and it sounds like it is raining. Ashlynn hated it, Jett slept through it and Cambria loved it. They also had the girls favorite dessert... chocolate pudding with oreos and gummy worms.

 You see the weirdest things on the strip.
 Of course we had to go to the M&M store.

 The statue of liberty was made out of jelly beans.
 The Venetian has always been one of our favorite casinos.

 We had dinner in New York.
 We went to build a bear and got their dogs some pajamas so they could relax in vegas too.
 We also had our own masseur.
 We took this picture the other day, Jett is almost as big as Cora!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graduation and Las Vegas part 1

 Getting ready to leave for Cambria's graduation.
 When all the kids walked into the gym most of them had their hands down and just walked up to the stage but not Cambria, she stopped to wave a few times like she was Miss America. It was cute.

 It's hard to tell but she is crying in this picture. She gets really emotional about things. I love it, she cried at the end of Home Alone when his family came back because she was so happy for him, and she also cried at a baby blessing at church.
 I always get too excited about things so I gave her a present after her graduation and I decorated our house a bit. I know its just kindergarten but really, she is my oldest and I can't believe how grown up she is. It makes me happy but sad at the same time.
 Ashlynn was sad because she didn't get any candy.
 We went out to eat after and I made her wear the princess graduation hat. I couldn't believe that they didn't have hats at their graduation. She got some pretty jewelry from her grandparents and she was so excited to be the center of attention.
 We went to the cabin on sunday for memorial day weekend. It is always so relaxing there, but we had to hurry and leave because it was raining hard, then it turned into snow and we didn't want to get stuck.

 Ashlynn wanted to drive us to Vegas.
 The very first thing the girls like to do is check out our view.
 Last time we stayed here all we could see was the pool so we were excited that we could see the castle. It looked cool when it was lit up at night.
 The girls couldn't wait to get to the pool but the first day the water was kinda cold so they wanted to lay out and tan. I think they have heard me say that too many times.
 Jett was a good sport when we went to the pool, he would end up just sleeping.

 There were three pools and we had good views of the casinos by us. It was fun.
 Of course we had to get a picture with spongebob. Ashlynn was a little scared, she didn't want to touch it.
 The first night we didn't have much time to walk around because it was getting late and everyone was tired except Cambria, so we decided to take them to the Bellagio.
 I miss seeing the displays here. They change every season.
 Cambria loved this because she wants to move to Paris when she is older to be a musketeer like Barbie...
 On the way to watch the Bellagio fountains we met Woody and Buzz.
 Ashlynn was falling asleep, and Cambria wanted to stay up for hours. She was so excited to be in vegas where she was born, she was even telling strangers that.

 Walking to our castle to get some sleep.
 Day 2 and 3 coming in a few days.