Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas and Utah

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but we had fun. We got pajamas the night before, ate ham and drove to see Christmas lights. The girls were in bed by 9, it was perfect!
I don't think Ashlynn remembers Christmas last year so everything was exciting to her. She loved ripping open all her gifts. Cambria was happy because she said she got everything she wanted.
The girls pretending to sleep in the chairs they got from their grandparents.
Cambria and her baby Sarah with matching pajamas.
Why do we spend so much money on gifts when a cardboard box is the best entertainment ever?

Aaron made this house for the girls. They love it and play in it every day.
Waiting to go to see temple square.
Cambria was really excited when she saw the temple all lit up.

We had a little too much fun at the museum...

The girls liked the conference center but all Ashlynn wanted to do was run and scream.

Ashlynn really liked the lady who gave us a tour, it was so cute.