Monday, July 26, 2010

The Morgans like to have fun!

We have been loving the warm weather outside. Cambria has been playing in her pool every day, and I have been trying to get Ashlynn to like it. For some reason a few weeks ago she decided she HATES baths. And when I say she hates them I mean she tries to claw her way out of the bathtub. So I got in the pool with her a couple times, and she has gotten a little more used to water. So now when we put her in the tub she just cries but doesn't try to climb out.
Thursday and Friday we had been watching the Blue Angels practice from our house, and Saturday we got to go see the air show because Aaron got free tickets at work. It was so cool. There were so many people there. And the planes were really loud. If you look really close you can see the guy standing on the airplane, but in this picture he is upside down. Yep, crazy!
Ashlynn loved watching the planes.

This was how close we were to the runway. The plane that is taking off had Aaron's boss in it. He got to go up because Cable One is one of the sponsors.

It amazes me how close they can fly together, because they are going so fast, and you can't see sky between their wings. It looks like they are touching.
The airplane in the front just flew through the other 4. It doesn't even look like it would fit.
Nope, they didn't crash!

It was fun, but then we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back to our car and there were too many people and not enough buses, and traffic wasn't moving so we decided to walk. We had already been outside for 2 hours and waited in line for another hour, before deciding to walk the 2 1/2 miles in 90 degrees, with a wife who rarely ever exercises, 2 kids in a one kid stroller and our camping chairs hanging off the stroller. It took us forever, but it was also kinda fun.

That night we went Blackfoot to crash the ward party there and eat all the food. It was dutch oven so it was so good. Then Cambria and Fiona got to ride with Papa in this.

She loves being a cowgirl now, but she says she is a princess also.
One day a year it is ok to ride your 4 wheelers to church. We have gone to church in the grove for pioneer day for the last 3 years.

Just before sacrament started. It is kinda cool having church outside. It's in the morning so it isn't too hot yet, and you can hear birds and horses and so it is just different, and fun.

This little girl made it hard for me to pay attention in sacrament.
Aaron taught Corey how to ride this.
But she wasn't expecting it to be so heavy when she stopped.

We bought this beautiful piece of machinery a few weeks ago. I love it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy birthday Corey!!

Happy Birthday Corey!! I am so glad that you come to visit us because I get bored. We should have an I Love Lucy marathon!!! Have a wonderful day!
It seems like I have been making cakes a lot lately. I had to use a LOT of green food coloring to get the frosting this color.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I made some princess crown pancakes for breakfast on Cambria's birthday. She was so excited to wake up and go to church that day. The kids in primary sang happy birthday to her, and she got to go get candy from the bishop after church. She was all wound up from being so excited, so we had to keep reminding her to be quiet and sit still, but we have to do that every week!
We had a princess party in Blackfoot. The cake turned out so cute, and it was really good. We actually ate all of it, so I didn't have to take home any leftovers! It was really easy to make, but next time I make one of these I think I would do it a little differently.

She got a new princess dress and crown to wear for her party, but we waited until after church to give it to her because she would have wanted to wear it to church.She just had to be the first one to try the cake.
This was the face she made when Aaron brought out her new bike. She started jumping up and down, I have never seen her so excited.

The seat on the back is for a doll, but Ashlynn fit too.
We all went outside to watch her ride her bike for the first time. At first she had a hard time pedaling, but now she can go pretty fast. We have already rode our bikes around our block at home a few times.
Now we can all go on a bike ride together!
It wasn't really warm outside but the no one seemed to care. This was the first time she has ever done a slip and slide, she she couldn't get herself to slide, so she just ran down it.
Jaymee tried to help her...
My mom got her this princess castle, and she has been playing in it the last few days. She ate breakfast and lunch in it and watches tv in it. Ashlynn thinks it is fun to push it over. They love to play together, and I love to watch them play!
I can't believe she is 4 already, it sounds old. She is going to start preschool in the fall, and then go to real school next year, I don't know if I am ready for her to grow up!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday and Saturday

I will have to do 2 posts for this weekend because we have a ton of pictures. Friday night we spent the night in Driggs, Idaho so we could watch a hot air balloon launch really early in the morning. Saturday morning we woke up here.
People were setting up the hot air balloons, at 6 in the morning, right next to where we parked the motorhome. It was really cool.There was a man attached to all these helium balloons, and he was the first one to take off. He looked kinda scared. I hope he wasn't too cold up there!While he was in the air we could see him releasing balloons so that he would go back down. As we were leaving we saw him in a field down the road, so we know he made it ok!

It was really cool because we were standing in the middle and there were balloons all around us. I think we should go next year!
This lady was walking through the balloon and I thought it looked fun.

This one went right over me!

Then we got in the car at 7:30 and drove back to Idaho Falls so we could meet Brenna and Corey for the parade. We were lucky that they went early and saved us a good spot.
Ashlynn wore this headband during the whole parade, it was cute. She had fun watching everything, but she didn't sleep well the night before so she was REALLY tired.
Cambria was leaning over and using her binoculars so she could tell us when the parade was coming.
Matching arm tattoos.
Silly kid.
Look how cute we are! Aaron doesn't usually like to wear a flag shirt, and I got him to wear one this year, and he even wore a headband. What a good sport.
Corey got to take a picture with her favorite girl scout cookies!
After the parade we went home so I could clean, wrap presents and get things ready for Cambria's birthday the next day. While I was hard at work Aaron Cambria and Ashlynn took a 4 hour nap!! It was so nice, our house has NEVER been that quiet! Then we went to Blackfoot for the fireworks show there.
Molly liked the fireworks show, until it started.

Molly was hiding under the blanket because she didn't like the fireworks.
It was a good day!