Monday, January 28, 2008

Island Park

We went this weekend to the cabin we stayed at for Cambria's birthday in Island Park. Behind the cabin is where the lake is. It was covered with about 2 feet if ice and then over 4 feet of snow. Aaron's friend got one of the snowmobiles stuck in about 6 feet of snow. We had to dig on one side of it and then pick it up and keep moving it to one side and up higher to try and get some traction. It was fun being in that much snow. By the time we dug it out, the pit under it went way over my stomach, and there was still snow under that and then ice, so it was also kinda scary! In the videos the jump was made off the deck which is the second story of the cabin. These pictures are from our snowmobile ride. We went to the bridge in Island park and back. It took about 2 1/2 hours. In some places the snow went clear up to the street signs but this was the only sign I could get close enough to and not sink too far in the snow.

Cambria went for a ride in the snow. She did not have snow shoes so we didn't let her run around outside, and also she hates the snow. She won't touch it at all. She panics a little bit when we take her outside in the snow, but she loves looking at the snow from inside the house!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cambria being silly

Here are some pictures from last week. Brenna and Corey came to visit for a few days, and Cambria is starting to remember them, she can say meena and gia (brenna and corey's nicknames from Brody) if you say their names first. But at least she can say their names... she still calls me mimi! I need to do something with her hair because it is so shaggy, but I don't want to cut it because it is perfect length for pigtails. In this picture she is wearing Corey's shoes. She put them on and started walking away so called her name and she looked back and gave me this very cheesy smile! My favorite picture!
She still makes this face and says cheese when she sees the camera. Corey looks like she is just having the time of her life here!

Wedding Pictures

Aaron's Cousin Alyssa got married and they had the prettiest wedding! I loved the black and white color theme. The dresses for the little girls were very pretty and they all looked so cute. Some of the pictures did not come out too well because it was dark, but you get the idea!

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Stuff

We got home from the mall or smething and it must have made her really tired becase Aaron carried her inside and took her coat off and put her on the couch and she stayed asleep. This rarely happens. She is a very light sleeper and usually wakes up if we even try to sneak in her room.
Again asleep.... kids are cuter this way.

This was last Friday while we were getting ready to go to the Rexburg Temple open house. We got to take Kory's kids (Kory is Aaron's oldest brother) with us. It was really fun for them, they were really amazed by how pretty it was inside the temple. I think the oldest boy Kaylor enjoyed it the most because he turns 12 this year and was getting excited about being old enough to go and do baptisms soon. The Rexburg temple is huge, and you have to make reservations for anything 4 months ahead. There was another picture of Cambria and I that I liked but she had her finger in her nose. I think this is my new favorite picture. She loves to talk on the phone and whenever someone is on the phone she reaches for it and says, daddy? Even if Aaron is the one using the phone she still says, daddy? Some cute video. When we put music on this is how she dances.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Boring Blog

I have no new pictures to post, but I do have a couple things to tell. We took Cambria to see Alvin and the Cipmunks. I was worried that one of us would end up missing the movie, but we took plent of snacks and drinks, and we gave Cambria her own seat. I wish we could have taken a picture, she was so cute. She would sit on her chair and then stand on it, and sometimes lean over and talk to us. She really liked the movie. I think it was the chipmunks funny voices and that there was a lot of music and singing in the movie.

We went to Olive garden yesterday and Cambria learned how to use a straw. I have had a hard time trying to get her not to drink out of a bottle, but now I can have her drink out of cups with a straw during the day and only use bottles at night. She can't really drink out of a cup without a straw yet, she just ends up dumping the drink all over herself.

That is pretty much all that has happened lately.