Monday, October 29, 2007

Jackson Hole, Wy

Aaron surprised me with a trip to Jackson Hole for my birthday. We stayed there two nights. We had a lot of fun. The birthday cake says celeprise because last year I made that word up and said that we had to celeprise my birthday all week long. It is a combination of the words celebrate and surprise. So I have declared my birthday a week long holiday! Here are some pictures from our trip. We had some lady take a picture of us under the arch but she didn't even make sure the picture was centered.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Little Pumpkin

I seriously took about 60 or 70 pictures. These were the best ones.

Wagon Ride

Grandma Morgan took Cambria on a wagon ride down the street the other day. Cambria loves this because the neighbors have cows and horses. She says oooo (for moo)when she sees a cow.

I got this shirt at the dollar store here. It is way too small for her belly! She has a little tv in her room and she is standing there watching Elmo's world, her favorite.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Questions Questions

I got this from Sarah's page

q. what was i doing 10 years ago? a. Well I am going to be 23 on friday, so I was almost 13. Hmmm I was hating my braces and hair cut, but real excited that my birthday was coming up! I think I was in 8th grade. So I was also probably not liking the uniform I had to wear to school.

q. what was i doing 5 years ago? a. I was working really hard to graduate and also excited that I was turning 18 and my birthday was a few days away! I think this was the birthday that dad got me new furnature for my bedroom... furnature that I had to leave there when I left for Rexburg after a few months and went to Corey's room. So you could say Corey got my birthday gift that year!

q. what was i doing 1 year ago? a. A year ago I was on my way to Fafie's house for work. They had given me $150 to spend for my birthday but I spent most of it on Cambria. I think this was the night we carved pumpkins.

q. what was i doing yesterday? a. Yesterday I cleaned up the house a little, and right when I was going to vaccum the power went out. So I will probably do that today. I played with Cambria during the day and then I found out that my friend Donna Sensiba, who lives in Rigby Idaho, has a cd coming out this Saturday and she was singing in Rexburg at the Music Outlet, so I called Corey and her and Jacob met us there to see her sing.

q. what are 5 snacks i enjoy eating?
Ice Cream
Puppy Chow
Texas sheet cake
Chips and guacamole

q. what would i do with 100 million dollars? a. Pay off all our debt, get Brenna lasic eye surgery so she NEVER has to get contacts again, take everyone in my family on a week long trip to Rome, and then whats left goes in the bank.

q. what are 5 bad habits that i have?
a. biting my nails
watching too much tv
putting clean clothes in a pile in our room that will stay there until it is dirty again!
repeating myself
forgetting to shave my legs until we are on our way to church

q.what are 5 things i like to do?
a. riding the jet ski and the 4 wheeler
camping or just being on vacation
buy new clothes when we have a little extra money
watching Cambria learn something new
spending time with my family

q. what are 5 shows i like to watch?
a. The Office
Almost anything on the food network (unwrapped, Good Eats, Paula's Home Cooking, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, and Iron Chef are my favorites)
The History channel (Modern Marvels, Mega Disasters, stuff about Egypt, UFO Files, and History's Mysteries are some of my favorites)

q. what are my 5 biggest joys right now?
a. looking forward to Christmas in El Paso
My family
i recently started scrapbooking
Food, trying something new, or just eating something I love
reading a good book


We stayed up late one night watching Cambria play on this wooden horse, but same as the car she can only seem to make it go backwards!

Cambria's first car

We found this car at a thrift store for only $12! Cambria loves to sit in it and cruise around the house, but she only knows how to go in reverse...

Friday, October 19, 2007


I am so glad that I do not have to grade potatoes anymore, but I am also sad because it was nice to make some money. Cambria is getting so big and is a pro at walking. She sings, dances, and gently touches the dog coca and then runs away laughing. She has learned a few new words, they are... coca, bampa (for grandpa), tinky (for stinky) ba (for ball), baby, baba (bottle), nigh nigh (when is going to bed), and she says mmm for anything that she thinks is food. She has her two bottom teeth and her two front teeth are half way out, and now the teeth next to her front teeth are pushing their way in. Yesterday I went to the doctor and Cambria started talking to the receptionist. She was just babbling and the lady said "oh you are just so cute", and Cambria replied "thank you". She has a very bubbly personality and keeps us laughing all day long!

Cambria watching Transformers with dad... which by the way was an AWESOME movie!