Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kory's Birthday

For some reason she keeps making this face.

We went to Blackfoot on Sunday for Kory's birthday. We played a few games and it was really fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A few things

I forgot to post this picture. It was from conference weekend.
She is always dancing.
And in case you can't tell, she has started dressing herself.

They were dusting the baker man at Grandmas. Ashlynn was a little afraid of him at first.
These were the pictures from her terrible fall... can you even see the tiny scratch?
She wanted to lay down and put ice on them. Then she made Aaron carry her to bed.
The girls had fun soaking their feet at Grandmas.
We found this today at a garage sale for $15. I had been wanting a desk or something to put all my couponing stuff. It is perfect because I have a big computer and 2 laptops I use upstairs and this fits all of them! Also the computer I am going to use is downstairs, a lady gave it to Aaron for free at a garage sale. He asked her how much for it and she said she was going to just take it to the thrift store and so she told him he could have it. It was a good day.
Cambria was at a cheer camp all day today and Ashlynn really missed her.
Getting ready to cheer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Scraped knee

We went to a carnival at the elementary school that Cambria is going to go to next year. She was playing outside and fell and scraped her knees. She rarely ever gets hurt because she doesn't play hard and she is not very daring, so she is REALLY dramatic when she does get hurt. Especially when it bleeds a little and makes a scab. She won't even let us look at it. I put some funny videos on facebook of her traumatic event because they were too long for the blog. Go watch them.

Monday, May 9, 2011


For Mother's day we went 4 wheeling on Saturday. The weather at first was cold and rainy, but as soon as we started riding the clouds went away and it got really warm. It was perfect. Then it started to rain really hard as soon as we got back to our cars. We couldn't have had better luck with the weather.

We were eating sandwiches and getting ready to ride. We had to layer a bunch of clothes at first.
Whenever we stopped the girls would follow that puppy around.
Abby on the dirt bike.
Zac on his, these kids are getting so big!

Cambria really wanted to sit on it.

And then Ashlynn had to also.
Ashlynn really wanted to ride with Grandpa. She only came onto our 4 wheeler to drink all of our gatorade.
Can you see JP?
As soon as we would stop for a break the girls would want a ride with JP, they thought it was really cool.
I also did more couponing!