Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kid's Tree

Our old tree is too small for our family room upstairs because the ceiling by the window where we put our tree is like 12 feet tall, so we decided to let the girls put this one in the basement. We found some really cheap purple and pink ornaments, and already had the silver ones. Ashlynn claps her hands and gets so excited when she sees Christmas lights. It is going to be hard to get her to stop touching the tree and taking the ornaments off.
We got the girls new ornaments, you can see Cambria's at the top of the tree. It's Woody and Jesse of course. Ashlynn's is Mickey but I didn't take a picture of it.
It looks pretty good all lit up. I have been sick all weekend so we haven't put up our other tree, and since I have been in bed the house is a mess. Maybe we will clean and put up the tree tonight for Family Home Evening. Or maybe I will stay in bed...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lots of snow

It has been snowing a lot the past few days and it is very cold. It has also been windy so there are huge snow drifts around our house. The snow is up to the stairs in the front, and you can tell in this picture that the fence around our house looks short. Ashlynn loves watching it snow, and Cambria just begs all day to play in it.
I keep wondering why we are spending so much money on Christmas gifts for the girls when all they need to keep them entertained is a popcorn bucket!
Cambria REALLY wants to see the movie Tangled, so she made Rapunzel. She even made long hair, how cute is that?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Smarty Pants

So why is Shrek hanging out in my mixing bowls you ask? As soon as I can understand Ashlynn I will let ya know.

Cambria has learned a lot of things at school. She likes having "concerts" where we sit and listen to her sing for hours.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Short Hair

Cambria has been talking about wanting to cut her hair for a few weeks now. I didn't want to take her right away because I wanted to make sure that she really wanted it to be short and that she understood that it wouldn't grow back right away, but she kept asking, so I took her today. I was picturing it a little shorter but it took so long for them to get it even because she was moving around so much, that I didn't want to say for them to cut more. It looks really cute and she loves it! It is such a big change because her hair hasn't been short since she was a baby.

Ashlynn wanted her picture taken too. I just love this face she makes. I just realized that her hair always looks crazy in pictures, but it looks cute when we go out in public she just wont let her hair be cute at home.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Long post

Ashlynn smiles like this when we get the camera out and she says chee.
Cambria always wants to soak her feet because she says they smell like corn on the cob. I'm not sure why she says that. This was right before Ashlynn sat in the water.
Don't ya just love this face?
Cambria got a bottle ready for Ashlynn...
Last night when we said it was time for bed she ran into Cambria's room, jumped on the bed and pulled up the covers. Cambria got upset and started crying because she thought she would have to sleep in Ashlynn's crib. Haha.

It snowed here last week and Cambria was so excited. Both of the girls wanted to go outside so bad but it was freezing and really windy. Eventually we gave in and went outside.

The barbie jeep is fun in the snow but it gets stuck.
Good thing Aaron was there to give them a push.
Their cheeks were so pink when we came inside. We had hot chocolate, Cambria calls it warm chocolate, but when she was drinking it she said mmm... it warms me up just like the Holy Ghost. It was pretty funny.
Creepy red eyes. I always forget how much I like to bowl. This time my score was a 106. That's really good for me!
She would just drop the ball and it was so loud. There was a loud beep that went off when you stepped over the line and that happened every time she bowled. She would get mad at it and say she wasn't over the line.

On Friday Aaron Corey and I went to see Circa Survive in Salt Lake. We had been looking forward to this for months. We saw them in May and bought tickets right away when we found out they were coming again. I think I could go see them a thousand times and never get sick of it.
Before the concert the band was signing autographs at a record store so of course we went, and they did a few acoustic songs, which we didn't know they were going to do. It was great.
We got to meet the whole band and shake their hands, it just made the concert that much better to know that we had met them. He looks mad in the picture but right before this they were laughing and talking to us, then he would make this face for every picture. Aaron said they will always remember him because they told him he looked like one of their friends.
Best night ever!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Cambria typed her name for the post title. She is so smart. I went to Old Navy the other day and because their kids jackets and sweaters were half off I ended up spending more than I thought I would. But i got a bunch of stuff and most of it is for Christmas, and Cambria really needed more warm clothes. Anyway, we got her a jacket and skinny jeans (I love how they look on her) and we got Ashlynn a brown jacket just like this, and then they each got 2 long sleeve shirts, and a sweater, and then a fleece jacket for Ashlynn. Cambria's old coats from when she was Ashlynn's age are too short for Ashlynn's arms! The pants I got her are from the little girls section, yes she has graduated to the bigger girls clothes, and the biggest size would fit me, so we could wear matching pants!
Ashlynn wanted to be in the picture...
She wanted to go to school today. She gets upset and cries when Cambria leaves in the morning but then when we go to the window to watch them drive away she gets happy again.
It feels like I have a lot to post lately, and I still need to post the pictures of us playing in the snow the other day. So look forward to more pictures.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Kids

We love this crazy little girl. Ashlynn is always running around, she is fun to watch.
Cambria had a bad cough for about two weeks, but one night last week it was so bad that she was throwing up and was coughing about every 3 seconds. It was bad, so Aaron took her to a new quick care that is open 24 hours a day, which is good because it was 1:30 in the morning and hospital visits are too expensive! Anyways, they fixed her up and even gave her some Halloween candy, so she was happy about that. We had to get her one of these, and she was sad to use it but it helped when I showed her a picture of her cousin Brody who has to use one of these all the time for asthma.
She has the cheesiest smile, I love it. She likes to go in my closet and put on my shoes and clothes. Cambria never really did this when she was little because if it wasn't hers she didn't want to wear it. I had to convince her that it was fun to dress up and that I used to dress up in my mom's clothes when I was little.
She thinks it is more fun now. I think I want to get her a hat like this for Christmas. She looks so cute.

This morning when the girls woke up it was snowing! Ashlynn was so amazed and she was pointing and yelling at it. It is too bad it isn't sticking on the ground so that can play in it. Oh well, there will be tons of snow soon.

The second video Of Ashlynn was on the ride to the cabin. She would not stop saying mom mom mom, the whole 40 min there and then back. The last video is her getting excited over the cows outside her window.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dancing is always fun

I always forget to post videos. Our kids love to dance. My camera died while we were carving pumpkins, but I think it is funny how much Cambria is NOT enjoying this. These kids are hilarious.

Monday, November 1, 2010


We did something fun for Halloween every day this weekend. It was great. Cambria and Ashlynn ended up with a bunch of candy. On Friday we went to Pocatello to trick or treat where Grandma works. Ashlynn wouldn't pose for pictures in her costume, so we ran around just trying to get any pictures of her. She just wanted to run around the office.

We also took them to the Cable One office but we didn't take any pictures.
Friday night we went to Boo at the Zoo. It was kinda cold, but the kids didn't seem to notice. We got to see some of the animals, and they got to trick or treat there. It was decorated with a bunch of pumpkins and lights.

This snake was HUGE!

Cute but tired kids ready to go home and sleep.
Saturday we went to Blackfoot and ate and took more family pictures.
Saturday night we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. I love where we live because there are tons of kids and it is safe to trick or treat, and we know everybody. Cambria had never been door to door before and she loved it. Ashlynn just loved running around again. Her candy bag is a dog dressed as a pumpkin.

She was excited because she got a big tootsie roll.

I dressed up as Aaron and Corey was a pirate. We ate and watched a cheesy Halloween movie.
This has nothing to do with Halloween, but she is always trying to be helpful. She is funny.
Happy (late) Halloween from the Morgans!!
And I am a curvy pumpkin, not a peanut!!