Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jett's 2nd Birthday

Jett turned 2 on March 6th. These past two years have gone by so fast. He is funny, cuddly, loud, and loves to copy his sisters. Some of his favorite things are airplanes, trains, cars, the movie Frozen (he sings the song Let it go but he says go go), The Star Wars cartoons, marshmallows, fruit snacks and playing outside. When he was born, Cambria was so excited to have a baby brother. She wanted to hold him all the time. She also loved to feed and help change him and give him baths.

Ashlynn took a few days to get used to him. She didn't like that he made so much noise. One day she was holding him and he sneezed. She thought it was so funny and after that she decided we could keep him.
 He has always made this weird face and he still does it. It's funny every time.

 He is a good sport. The girls like to dress him up and he thinks its fun.
 He is very daring. He climbs over the couch, walks on the kitchen counter, and stands on the table that holds the tv. He is such a boy. Its fun.
 He loves wearing his batman hat, but he likes to wear it backwards.
 He had fun on his birthday. He got a slide, cars, an airplane, a bunch of balloons and I let him eat the leftover frosting. He would not get near his candle to blow it out though, I think it scared him. Happy Birthday Jetty!

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